’11 Best Albums: #10 Mac Miller Blue Slide Park

After releasing a steady stream of mixtapes, Mac stepped up to the plate last year and delivered his independent debut, Blue Slide Park. With ID Labs handling a majority of the sound bed, Mac proved he wasn’t all party and bullshit. He gives haters the cold shoulder (“Smile Back”, “Of The Soul” ), helps White girls lost (“Diamonds & Gold”), and enjoys the fruits of his labor (“Man In The Hat”). But despite his new found success, Mac doesn’t forget about his Pittsburgh base (“PA Nights”, “My Team” ,”Frick Park Market”). Blue Slide meet blue collar.

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  • LKBZ

    Huh, I see where this list goin’… SMH.

  • belize

    Didn’t y’all hate on this nigga all d way till he release this? swore I read bubble gum every tine u posted a song…*kanye shrug*

  • Thank God I’m Fresh

    this makes me sick

  • CK1

    horrible start

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  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    The return of the MAC !

  • Bad

    Now you’re just TRYING to piss people off.

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  • Black Shady

    If Mac Miller made the list…and COLE WORLD doesnt….im done with RR

    no…if Drake’s Take Care is higher than Cole World…im done with HIP HOP!!!!!

  • Nick Kaiser


  • firealarm

    You can already tell this list is gonna be fucked uo..

  • firealarm

    If Ambition shows up in this list I give up on you guys RR

  • Mind-T




  • The Prophet

    lmaoooooooo what the hell is this? The people he caters to even said the album was horribly inconsistent with no real theme and an overall regression. These lists are worse than Complex’s.

  • Pissed

    Cmon son.

  • BIgD

    huge mac miller fan, but this album sucked def not a top 10 album

  • Worse start ever… Wtf.

  • Tucq

    Haven’t heard it all. Wasn’t feelin the tracks I did hear.

  • Trav1

    No waaay should this be on the list

  • M.T

    really tho?

  • SlikSean

    Man Blue Slide Park sucks…. the only kinda hot songs on there are 5th ave, trump, frick park market

  • waloo

    ^ ^ ^ donald trump isnt on this album..? Anyway… i thought the album was dope. Coulda used a feature or two. But this is party music for the younger people. Not grown man rap (thats why people are pissed). Welcome to tje Cam Rellim Chronicles….bitch

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  • BBD

    Fuck all you haters Mac Miller is great. Blue Slide Park is a great album. He is clearly a great artist he’s only 20 and he already has a Gold song “Donald Trump” and he is alot further than any other artist at his age.

  • do right & kill everything

    wtf. blue slide park sucked. love best day ever mixtape though

  • krizzle

    Why the hell is this here and not return of 4eva, its clearly better then WTT.

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  • Kyrstin Mother Fucking Colliflower

    People are bs for real though . Like shut the FUCK up ! Mac is amazing and if you eople don’t like the album then obviously you are in no way trying to make a connection with the bars and lines . You have to think deep to understand this album fully . So spark an L , play the album and actually use you dome . Oh Yeah , and shut the fuck up . Thanks ♥

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  • Sam

    Fuck this Mac Miller sucks don’t encourage him