’11 Best Albums: #3 Common The Dreamer/The Believer

Common returned to the game like a prize-fighter after his second wind with his ninth LP, The Dreamer/ The Believer. Produced entirely by No I.D., he kicks off the opus with Maya Angelou and Nas on the ineffable

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  • Gambino

    Safe to say Camp sadly won’t be on this list -_-

  • shawn

    #1 WTT
    #2 Take Care

  • Word

    So Take Care and WTT are numbers 1 and 2. It just comes down to whose dick yall love the most. Im thinking Jay and Ye got it.

  • M.T

    im surprised this made the list since it seemed RR was undermining some good albums.

  • This *is the stuff Dreamers are made of.

  • Nick Kaiser

    its obvious what 1.2 are. but i have to say cole world should be 2. then section .80 3

  • M.T

    its obvious whats gunna be #1 and #2.

  • Cole world

    Pass whatever you guys are smoking this list was crap

  • MG

    Glad to see Common ranking high and not overlooked. This CD is dope.

  • Mj

    Wtt was better if they were competing for best hiphop album. But take care was better overall

  • Hip-Hop Fiend

    So your going to tell me those albums were better that Camp. Man fuck this site.

  • Hip-Hop Fiend

    So your going to tell me those albums were better then Camp. Man fuck this site.

  • d’andre

    This album was dope but wait 2 spots left and wtt take and red still not mentioned?! The red album was dope as fuck how can y’all leave it out

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    I got have no problem with this. Chi- Town stand up !

  • RNS

    Take Care wasn’t even a rap album. This list sucks.

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  • belize

    ya niggas listen to some ghey ass music son…that nigga big homie rollin in nah-grave right now

  • Loaded

    I agree Camp was a better album than Common. Bambino is underrated

  • Donn



  • Mj

    It will maybe be red album and wtt

  • Swiss163

    Keep it coming

  • Protest


    This album was eh… Yall suckin nuts again

  • Where the fukk is Saigons joint at…the only reason this is up is to give your list a lil validation cuz if you had your choice you’d have pink Friday on here

  • Swiss163

    @Donn go take a long walk off a short cliff……. This list Sucks !!!……They going to learn today -_-

  • Word

    Of course RED was left out. Its politics. Game doesnt fuck with a lot of the ppl that YN and the rest of this site fucks with like Jay, Kanye, and 50 Cent. Therefore, the guy gets zero mention. I feel like RED should have been on ONE of these list.

  • The Truth

    Yea honestly WHERE THE FUCK IS CAMP? This shit is not even funny anymore. I mean you got Self Made, Ambition, and Blue Slide Park but no Camp. Hip Hop is dead.

  • Numbers

    Drake >

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  • Kunta Kente

    Childish Gambino Camp was 10X better than Common’s overrated album.

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  • Common is fucking wack the nigga boring ass flow been the same for 30yrs and he only sound appealing cause he try to sound like he being deep but hes a fucking idiot

  • Dashing

    So Undun doesn’t make the list? Really? Or R.E.D album?? Really?

  • Bonobo

    Bonobo bought commons cd
    Bonobo likes that shit

  • TheyKnow

    Drake +1

  • @dashing yeah fam Undun is a classic.Love it

    I love this Common album.Classic too
    Loch Drake Headlines freestyle music video Featured on http://artists.viewhiphop.com/?p=2190 @ViewHipHopBlog

  • OEasy

    Should be #1.

  • plstop

    This album was dope and embodied raw hip hop. Drake had a dope album as well & Watch the throne was good. Gambinos shit was cool but overrated. Lets be honest lol. His project wasn’t all that.

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  • SmokeYou

    RR’s Top 3 were my 3 favorite hip hop albums of last year. I always thought it was odd that my 3 favorite hip hop albums last year all had gold covers lol.

  • Yung Silv

    kendrick and the roots were better than this

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  • PHG

    camp should of been on this list

  • haq

    Album Of The Year and future classic. Get off kanye’s and jay’s overrated dicks, u pricks.

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  • KoldCase

    camp cole world and wtt top 3