’11 Best Albums: #3 Common The Dreamer/The Believer

Common returned to the game like a prize-fighter after his second wind with his ninth LP, The Dreamer/ The Believer. Produced entirely by No I.D., he kicks off the opus with Maya Angelou and Nas on the ineffable

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  • Gambino

    Safe to say Camp sadly won’t be on this list -_-

  • shawn

    #1 WTT
    #2 Take Care

  • Word

    So Take Care and WTT are numbers 1 and 2. It just comes down to whose dick yall love the most. Im thinking Jay and Ye got it.

  • M.T

    im surprised this made the list since it seemed RR was undermining some good albums.

  • http://yesgoodmusic.com raffi

    This *is the stuff Dreamers are made of.

  • Nick Kaiser

    its obvious what 1.2 are. but i have to say cole world should be 2. then section .80 3

  • M.T

    its obvious whats gunna be #1 and #2.

  • Cole world

    Pass whatever you guys are smoking this list was crap

  • MG

    Glad to see Common ranking high and not overlooked. This CD is dope.

  • Mj

    Wtt was better if they were competing for best hiphop album. But take care was better overall

  • Hip-Hop Fiend

    So your going to tell me those albums were better that Camp. Man fuck this site.

  • Hip-Hop Fiend

    So your going to tell me those albums were better then Camp. Man fuck this site.

  • d’andre

    This album was dope but wait 2 spots left and wtt take and red still not mentioned?! The red album was dope as fuck how can y’all leave it out

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    I got have no problem with this. Chi- Town stand up !

  • RNS

    Take Care wasn’t even a rap album. This list sucks.

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  • belize

    ya niggas listen to some ghey ass music son…that nigga big homie rollin in nah-grave right now

  • Loaded

    I agree Camp was a better album than Common. Bambino is underrated

  • Donn



  • Mj

    It will maybe be red album and wtt

  • Swiss163

    Keep it coming

  • Protest


    This album was eh… Yall suckin nuts again

  • http://Rapradar.com TheReal

    Where the fukk is Saigons joint at…the only reason this is up is to give your list a lil validation cuz if you had your choice you’d have pink Friday on here

  • Swiss163

    @Donn go take a long walk off a short cliff……. This list Sucks !!!……They going to learn today -_-

  • Word

    Of course RED was left out. Its politics. Game doesnt fuck with a lot of the ppl that YN and the rest of this site fucks with like Jay, Kanye, and 50 Cent. Therefore, the guy gets zero mention. I feel like RED should have been on ONE of these list.

  • The Truth

    Yea honestly WHERE THE FUCK IS CAMP? This shit is not even funny anymore. I mean you got Self Made, Ambition, and Blue Slide Park but no Camp. Hip Hop is dead.

  • Numbers

    Drake >

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  • Kunta Kente

    Childish Gambino Camp was 10X better than Common’s overrated album.

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  • http://foreveronsomeflyshit Shady_Site

    Common is fucking wack the nigga boring ass flow been the same for 30yrs and he only sound appealing cause he try to sound like he being deep but hes a fucking idiot

  • Dashing

    So Undun doesn’t make the list? Really? Or R.E.D album?? Really?

  • Bonobo

    Bonobo bought commons cd
    Bonobo likes that shit

  • TheyKnow

    Drake +1

  • http://twitter.com/loch121 loch121

    @dashing yeah fam Undun is a classic.Love it

    I love this Common album.Classic too
    Loch Drake Headlines freestyle music video Featured on http://artists.viewhiphop.com/?p=2190 @ViewHipHopBlog

  • OEasy

    Should be #1.

  • plstop

    This album was dope and embodied raw hip hop. Drake had a dope album as well & Watch the throne was good. Gambinos shit was cool but overrated. Lets be honest lol. His project wasn’t all that.

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  • SmokeYou

    RR’s Top 3 were my 3 favorite hip hop albums of last year. I always thought it was odd that my 3 favorite hip hop albums last year all had gold covers lol.

  • Yung Silv

    kendrick and the roots were better than this

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  • PHG

    camp should of been on this list

  • http://skwer.org haq

    Album Of The Year and future classic. Get off kanye’s and jay’s overrated dicks, u pricks.

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  • KoldCase

    camp cole world and wtt top 3