’11 Best Albums: #7 J.Cole Cole World: The Sideline Story

Good things come to those that wait. And after two years, J.Cole’s core finally got what they wanted: Cole World: The Sideline Story. The album commences with the cinematic “Dollar And A Dream III” before segueing into “Can’t Get Enough’s” breezy bounce. Jermaine’s underdog tale is palpable on “Sideline Story”, “Cole World”, and “Rise and Shine”. “Lost Ones” and “Breakdown” are equally compelling, but “Nobody’s Perfect” showcases his true majesty. With Missy Elliott on the chorus, Cole’s underachiever anthem is endearing, “Nobody’s perfect, but you’re perfect for me”. His success makes us, very happy.

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  • CK

    the fact that you rated it as a classic then put it in 7th position is funny to me. Only jay and drake were on his level this year. Not to mention this is a pure hip hop album with the hip hop vibe. This guy can do better but this album is the second best of this year. Don’t put Drake in first position, it would be a disgrace to rap knwing that your critics are important today.

  • navo

    Shouldve been top 5 atleast

  • Mook

    Very repititive cd…the beats sounded for the most part the same. I did like the song with Missy and Nice Watch…but J Cole can put you to sleep…very boring rapper..

  • Swiss163

    Bullshit !!!! This album is better then & and you know it RapRadar !!!! Stop it 5

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  • Drake fan

    Fuck J. Cole

  • Dam… Grammy nomination and cant even get a Top 5 slot.
    Yous dissapointed me with this one.

  • The !llest

    Someone got some explaining to do.

  • The Riddler

    Damn #7, this is top 5 for sure. It doesn’t really have replay value or else it would be top 3, but lyricism was on some trill shit the whole album.

  • Yung Silv

    here’s the rest of the list: WTT, Take Care, Kendrick, the roots, self made vol. 1, and common

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  • I demand a recount..
    whos with me??

  • Cole world

    Complete BS should be 3

  • The Guy


  • Loaded

    Lmaoooo Cole fans mad? Overrated Cole where he belongs. Dude isn’t special. I can name a hundred rappers who are just at good at rapping as Cole is. Face it he is just an average rapper like everyone else. Generic ass nigga

  • Hip-Hop Fiend

    Thats how you gonna do Cole rap radar? BULLSHIT. Only albums better was WTT, Take Care, & Camp. This a top 5 album. If RED Album and Carter 4 are ahead then rap radar lose the credibilty.

  • This was my number 1 Rap Radar just goes by who more famous and popular nothing more and I’m not a j.Cole guy I just LISTEN to it from top to bottom and it was nothing wack on it and had replay value to me

  • Hip-Hop Fiend

    Camp better be top 5 damn it.

  • Kutna Kente

    Name one wack song on Sideline Story. I can name many song that are garbage on the albums that will be ahead of this. Watch RR put Common overrated album ahead Cole.

  • swins89

    who the fuck beats this besides jay and kanye better not be drake……this list sucks

  • Blood Gang

    Black Shady just killed himself

  • Swiss163

    Number 7 ? Yeah On Planet Bullshit and In the galaxy of Sucks Camel Dicks!

    I can’t think of 6 great Albums that came out this year let alone 6 albums that were better then Cold World. Raprader sometimes I really can tell you love to do this bullshit !!!!! so you will get a lot of comments.

    Cole produced the numbers !!!

    1. 217K 1st week has the Numbers.
    2. Workout – Top 10 hit across the country and just went platinum.
    3. The album went on to debut #1 and sell over 500K and went Gold in less then 6 months.
    4. Album one of the most Critically Acclaimed album of the year
    5. This is all off 2 singles

    Cole Produced the majority of the album himself and the album has crossover appeal but stays true to the roots of hiphop. He takes it back to lyrics and storys none of that bullshit pop that wont last the test of time. Number 7 is slap in the face to J. cole RocNation Jay-Z this blog and everyone in hiphop and to me as a fan.

    You think we would sit back and let this pass ??? This is the reason Wack ass rappers run amuck today…. !!!!

    But like Kevin Heart said you going to learn today !!!!! You going to learn today !!!!!

    Alright Alright Alight !!!!

    PS – Take down coles quote on YN Blackout you are not worthy to quote this Kid !!!!

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    “Overrated Cole where he belongs.”…Yet you have this Drake kid masquerading as a rapper but he’s really a R&B singer. Negro please. J. Cole put in work last year.

  • Loaded

    Bwawawa I love to see Cole stans angry! Keep it coming stans! Am laughing my ass of right now

  • Swiss163

    B. Dot needs to put himself in the YN Blackout or the You played yourself post today !!!!

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    @Loaded. Angry? U should be angry you 17 yrs old with a bald spot.

  • The Truth

    Ay B. Dot the fact that you posted this means you can take a big dick with aids and stick it all the way down your throat.

  • Steve Wilkos


  • LDN

    perfect this album was rubbish, all the hype tht built up to it he did nt produce.. the whole “m saving my best wrk for my album?” FOH…. buncha old records and 3-4 girly songs… no were near top 3

  • yzeeh

    Bullshit!! top 3easy!!! & i hope the fact that Asap Rocky wasnt on the mixtape list yesterday means he is on this lise!!

  • Black Shady

    I’m cool with that as long as Take Care #1.

  • Lil Majer The Cartune

    Hmm.. I bought both albums, but umma be HIGHLY pissed if Big Sean’s Finally Famous is number 6 over this!!!

  • Matt

    There is no validity to your stupid opinionated lists. Honestly you’re the most bias blogger on the web and it is way to obvious to take any of your opinions seriously.

  • Donn

    Stans are the worse. Its not that serious. Its just a list. Relax…

  • Earl


  • Collar Cali

    Top 5 @ the least. Bet Drake & The Throne top 3.

  • Black Shady

    @ that FAKE Black Shady….why would I say Take Care #1 ? lol nobody will believe that fake comment -___-

    on topic ; LOL #7 really?????? you mean there are 6 other better albums than Cole World?

    yall really gonna put TAKE CARE in front of Cole’s??? we already know yall gonna put WTT #1 since u been callin it the MOST IMPORTANT ALBUM IN HIP HOP HISTORY LOLOLOLOL. Wow….and if I see C4 on the list too…….i’ll go crazy

  • iam2smooth

    RR yall be bullshittin !! All the good hip hop shit be at the bottom nd all the bullshit hip pop be at the top like wat type of shit is that !! All I kno is if Take Care or C4 top 3 imma be pissed off nd imma stop fukn wit yall !!!

  • Collar Cali

    You are a bit radical , but I agree totally.

  • Brooklyn

    @Black Shady my bad that was me. You was taking too long on backing us on this… Anyway this is a fucking outrage. If I see RED Album or Carter 4 I will expose B. Dot’s previous job.

  • J. Cole Can Wear Skinny Jeans Cuz He That Nigga

    #7. Are You Fucking Serious? Cole deserves to be in the top 3. This was a great album.

  • Barack Obama

    Fuck YN. I lost the little respect I had for you motherfuckers.

  • Trav1

    I could see #7 definitely wouldn’t say top 3 this makes sense to me

  • NYC

    7? really? lol u got “take care” over cole world? lol hahahaha

  • Swiss163

    @Collar Cali…………. Rapradar is going to Learn today -_-

    Nah i am joking but honestly the shafted Cole album but they put Kendrick at number 6 to make it look legit but its still BS.

  • J cole Hater named Your moma a Bitch

    This shit sucks Cole world more like nippy world Fuck that J cole never did nothing hes trash should have even been on this list. DRAKE is way better !!!

  • HIphopBLUE$$$

    These Nuts Drake is not better then Cole you have to be out of your mind !!!

  • That Guy

    Rap Radar, are you a website that promotes genuine hip-hop or one that caters to the mass majority that doesn’t know shit about hip-hop, its history, and its essence? You understand you’re rating Drake’s album more favorably than Cole’s?

    “Fresh outta the mental hospital and me not flossing a middle finger while I hop in a mosh pit, will be like Nas doing gospel or R&B, you crazy?” – Eminem.

    Drake is more R&B than rap……what the fuck were you thinking.

    Respect points for RR: -30. Selling of the soul: in progress.

  • Word

    This should been top 5 at the least. It was better than Eminems EP stop dicking around.

  • Swiss163

    Really Bad meets Evil ? number 5 ….. Better then Cole World and Section .80 !!!!!!!!!!

    Rapradar you going to learn today…………. you going to learn today…….. -_-

  • Swiss163

    You know what you can just blame this BS on friday the 13th !!!!

  • burnonedown255

    How is this and sec 80 #6 and #7…howmuch are these record labels paying rapradar for more publicity

  • Swiss163

    Really MMG album is better then Cold World at #4 ? in which way is that album better then ColeWorld you tell me !!!!

  • M.T

    LOOOL #7 really? This is best album of 2011. Great lyricism, Dope Production, and good replay value It should at least be in the top 3. yall tripping.

  • Knew this was gonna happen, Cole being overlooked. SS was top 5 no doubt. Most underrated album of the year.

  • Ski

    Y’all cole fans are the worst…I’m a cole fan but the album wasn’t a true representation of who he really is..true some songs were awesome but,’some’ isn’t ‘all’ d song..Ambition album was better lyrically than coleworld but y’all will hop on cole’s dick without bringing forth concrete criticism..quit dickriding!!!

  • Swiss163

    I am going to get a hair cut when i come back this list better be Fixed !!!!!! You got that B.Dot ……-_-

  • Swiss163

    I am going to get a hair cut when i come back this list better be Fixed B.Dot ……-_-

  • Kieran

    If this was a YN post, it would have been #2

    … Right under WTT

  • 🙂

  • Jorts

    I’m a J. Cole fan but I kind of agree with this. As much as I liked this album, I thought there were some duds on there, Mr. Nice Watch, and Work Out and in particular. Also, this is rapradar’s best albums list. If you got a problem with it, get a job at rapradar.

  • Swiss163

    Hey hey fix the list

  • Rizzle

    rapradar change this shit now, this should be number 1
    are you crazy
    if you gone put this album as 7
    you should consider changing the name of this site
    coz obviously your radar aint picking up how great of an album this is

  • kdot

    Oh my days he should of been First he is doing pure hip-hop.He’s goin back to the vibe when tupac was alive.

  • TheyKnow

    I’m a fan of J. Cole, theres lots of potential but Cole World: The Sideline Story was so boring and disappointing. There wasn’t anything special about this album lol…

  • the true King

    i thought j. cole outsold Drake anyway…WTF? Cole World = #1

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  • BUCK

    J.Cole so wack to me bruh

  • kate

    Should ve been on the top 3

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  • #fucktakecare

    J.cole gets #2 behind lupe watch the thorne only had gud beats and take care was full of drakes bullshit singing

  • Thanks again for the article. Much obliged.

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  • t0wlie

    fuckin retards dont know shit about cole. check out his mixtapes. especially the come up and warm up and songs like farewall on friday night lights. was somewhat disappointed with the album but u dont know shit if u think cole is an average rapper. dumb ass ignorant fools