’11 Worst Singles: #3 Lil Wayne “How To Love”

Be clear, Dwayne Carter is a certified Hall Of Famer. But sometimes, even the Great Ones don’t know their limitations. Remember Rebirth? Yup, I really hate when Wayne gets fixated on living his rock star fantasies in the studio. You can’t play guitar, homie and please leave the singing to Drizzy. “You had a lot of crooks trying to steal your heart.” Yuck! I had a lot of time for this song to grow on me. But nope. Still stinks.

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  • Boiiii

    Great Song. You Guys Hate On Wayne For Actually Going Outside His Limitations And Trying New Things.

  • Loaded

    I applaud him for trying new material instead of rapping a hundred bars Orr and over again but nah this song is wack. That I m single joint is fire tho

  • fat nigga

    Its not hip hop

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    some be higher !

  • M.T

    I didnt mind this song. The video for it was even better.

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  • Numbers

    This is why i felt Sweet was more directed to Wayne, especially after he said it wasnt directed at Drake

  • Product of Chicago

    It’s legitimately a great song, but just no room for it in the restrictive confines of hip hop apparently…unless it was made by Kanye, then it would be hailed as the pinnacle of creative genius

  • Donn


    – But it went platinum and over a million ppl disagree, this ate up the radio so who loses


  • Vodka

    wack song ever

  • damone

    This should be one its really bad.

  • RNS

    I agree with this one but this still can’t save you YN

  • Wasn’t a bad song, it was directed to a certain audience, you know how much pussy wayne got cuz of this song? Lol? Wayne is one of the smartest rappers ever.

  • Converse

    #1 is Lighters? Bad Meets Evil

  • Word

    Lmao Dickriding should be a crime but looks whos riding Waynes dick. Everything was cool with the list till they put your man crush on here huh?


  • Ben

    This is wayyyyy better than kreyshawn shit! FUCK RAP RADAR!!!

  • get bucks

    Booo!!! Thumbs Down!!! This song was dope and I’m now convinced YN is the head of the “piss a nigga off by dissing dope shit” committee. Song was on point the hook was crack and it wasn’t meant for a real singer.

    When XXL came out was like word!!! Finally a magazine dedicated to dope shit, but RR on the other hand makes me want to renew my Blaze(lol) subscription.

    I’m gonna heckle YN next time I see him passin thru Union Square…

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  • the finishline

    Wow, so 3$tacks gets a pass but Weezy doesn’t. It was a great song that Drake shoulda done but nonetheless a chart topper

  • Sportz

    This song was amazing, Elliott. Stop it.

  • Word

    Waynes fans are so gay sometimes. Smh. Yall shoulda known this was comin…the dude been garbage ever since he came out. If it aint obvious he’s only selling off his name then I dont know what will make yall realize it.

  • Musikal

    The song was garbage.

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  • dmc

    this aint even hiphop

  • RK

    Y’all hate on this song this shit but if chris brown or usher came out with this then you’d be all over it.

  • FlocKaveLLi

    HORRIBLE song. wayne fucking blows now, such a damn shame. be you homie! stop this skateboarding rockstar bullshit, no one likes it!

  • Word

    @RK Thats cuz they professional singers….

  • Yeah this song was pretty bad.Video was great though
    Loch Drake Headlines freestyle music video Featured on http://artists.viewhiphop.com/?p=2190 @ViewHipHopBlog

  • real rap

    @CashMoneyTM “wayne is one of the smartest rappers ever”…………Ive never heard a more preposterous statement in my life……… he said “weezy f baby, the ‘F’ is for PHENMOENAL” & “we in the building, ya’ll in apartments”…………like apartments aren’t in a building……..weezys type of meaningless, nonsensical hip hop is killing the genre and his music is for simple-minded dumb people who care not of meaning and substance but for catchy hooks and beats……..

  • Jaymals

    @RK but its not their song… its Wayne’s and he cant sing. The beat sounded like Detail did do anything to it really and the autotune on Wayne’s voice was/is atrocious!

  • BMC

    This song went number 1 everywhere topped charts, so for yall to say its one of the worst singles is pure opinion an hatein.

  • Fehhinho

    fuck it why hate on weezy that much?

  • Loso

    Little Wayne been pop since C3 now he singing like a bitch and wearing womens clothes and u still support this fag? Bitch made!

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  • Ace M.

    this is a terrible verison of LL’s I need love

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  • Craig

    This song was great I don’t know what yall are hearing, it had a message which most of his stuff doesn’t so u should give credit where its due.

  • G-SET

    wayne is not a legend, just a moment type of character that is lame as fuck. and this song proves it.