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  • truth

    songs a fuckin jam, wtf

  • u realize this was a bonus single

  • TVA

    I never hated this record as much as everyone else seemed to. After the album came out it was clear Can’t Get Enough, In The Morning and Nobody’s Perfect were the club singles and therefore should have been the records to run with single wise. Of course Work Out didn’t catch until Can’t Get Enough was deep in rotation funny enough.

  • HOVA

    I give RR props for this. This single was formed out of a hit record that had been released not to long ago by a hitmaker and J Cole uses the same concepts and everything.

  • Young Cece

    Wtf?! Cole knew exactly what to do to make a hit single. I think this song was extremely catchy and clever, major radio play. Cole world!

  • Mdot85

    Love Rap Radar but yall niggas is buggin, this wasnt even a whack song let alone one of the wackest of the year. It was smooth and as a single did what it was suppose to do. Cmon son you just TRYING to piss pple off one, you tellin me that only one slot separates this song from Gucci Gucci? Nah

  • Swiss163


  • i know


  • fuk waka

    really??? i dont see whats so bad about this song ??
    is this how u guys tryna show u aint biased?

  • Hip Hop Essence

    Fucking bullshit! They song went ahead to grow up on people and you can’t deny that. That’s why it had the success. Now talking about hits that don’t make sense, what do you have to say about Ross’s “BMF”. The fuck is that song about? Lies lies and lies yet again! So stfu like you guys get to post whatever you feel like. Hate on the COLE, it aint gon make him or break him, he made it! Its the ROC bitches(rap radar)

  • T.O.

    i agree lol this song sucks


    nahhh i fuck wit work out foh

  • Matt

    Truth hurts. Good album, terrible song.

  • TROLLiver

    “we didn’t it”

  • M.T

    im glad this was a bonus because it would’ve disrupted the flow of the album. I thought the song was alright but not up to cole lyrical abilities. Thats why “Cant Get Enough” was a better choice. Nonetheless this single was good for the radio,went platinum and brought him a wider audience. “play the game to change the game” .

  • You fukks have this on the worst list but have can’t get enough and lotus flower bomb on the best list

  • Word

    Whoa. This was unexpected. I still fucks with it. And its still Platinum. So, I dont really care much.

  • get bucks

    This list should be renamed the Worst HIT Singles of 2011… I cringed when I heard J. Cole do his rendition of Paula Abdul, but the song eventually grew on me and the chick in the video made it hotter.

  • GI JOE

    Way beyond wack. Radio crammed this in folks heads until they “liked” it.

  • JT

    Agreed, this song was horrible. A contrived attempt to gain mainstream appeal, which J Cole eventually accomplished with this single.

  • vincent

    wow suprised RR didnt dick slurp this garbage up….props

  • Word

    …..I dont think there were only 3 songs worse than this though. I could name a dozen songs worse than this in 2011. Most of ’em were on yall “Best Of..” list. Spend It for example.

  • Citylivin’

    the Cole slander is epic today…

  • Post no billz

    I thought it was dope.. took bout 4 or 5 months for it to catch fire on radio.. it seems like all his teeny bopper fans came frm this single

  • Andreas

    Are you kidding?? there is nothing wrong with this single, just that it is good

  • NYC

    but he sold a million, u need more people to believe it was the 4th worse !

  • Hip-Hop fiend

    To put J. Cole in the same list as Kreyshawn is disrespectful. Pop Radar is the worst site of 2011.

  • Swiss163

    @Citylivin I one thousand % agree

    but they going to learn today -___-

  • dmfslimm

    damn thats fucked up. work out is nice. then you can bang it at a bbq or party.

  • Word

    RR cant have a list without SOME type of controversy. These things are meant to draw traffic from users. This like last year when they gave TI worst single and album and everybody was bugging. Its understandable. I consider it a business move. RR fucks with Cole HEAVY. This is just a curve ball to keep ppl interested in the list cuz honestly, the lists have been weak this year.

  • Ice Motherfucking Mike

    When I see Ellliot, B.Dot, and Big Homie in the street I’m beating the fuck out of them.

  • Ant

    First time I’ve heard it. Last time I’ll hear it.

  • mrcapela


  • the void

    ^^^ lol. please do. they soft anyway.

  • jonnybizness

    Off the back of Fnl this was a disappointing first single but Cole had to get the mainstream and radio on his side to push the album so i can see where the logic in this came from.For me Bme single with Bruno Mars has to be No1 or Wayne’s how to love Now thats some Formulaic crap that does HipHop a disservice.

  • firealarm

    How is this one of the WORST songs you could come up with RR?? This song wasn’t even technically on the album and it’s catchy as hell.

  • mrcapela


  • rahrahrah

    Thank you. I got turned onto cole late with “who dat”, but when this drivel came out it was hard to tell people to check for this new artist.

  • Kid

    It still went platnium !

  • B.Boggz

    Somethin smells fishy. J. Cole on the worst single list and MMG on the best album list. Ross is that you?

  • fat nigga

    It was wack,borin and gay

  • navo

    so your saying gucci gucci was better than work out? fuck outta here


    I think the songs a banger, always knew it was going to be a hit. Plus lets be honest people were talking about how bad of an idea this was a single, a platinum single lately and gold album later its a Cole World.

  • nyg718

    u sound stupid. how is this not a good song?u niggas is cornballs any way tho

  • i love this song nice one bby j <3

  • D!A!E!

    This song is dope! RapRadar, yall are dropping the ball this year on A LOT of shit…stop doing this if you can’t get it right….OMG!

  • Fat Matt

    rr keepin it real… this shit is wack

  • Smacked Timido


  • 2dopeboyz

    Cole fansss maddd but this shit is horrible. Cant get enough was dope as fuck tho

  • Frankb

    The Albums weakestmoment?? Hey dumbass it was the bonus track…smh

  • me

    “yea my debut was shit..but is it goin sell”
    – cole

    cole been dropped knowledge on you, he already has a crazy catalog that just isnt popular like the singles are

  • Ya’ll got me messed up! Cole over Kreayshawn????????????????????????

  • I like this song.Took a while. but it grew on me
    Loch Drake Headlines freestyle music video Featured on http://artists.viewhiphop.com/?p=2190 @ViewHipHopBlog

  • cheddar bob, BITCH

    I’m a Cole fan, but this song had the dumbest lyrics I’ve ever heard. Was about on par with Soulja boy

  • Black Shady

    RR hates Cole

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  • That Guy

    wow…just wow. Mistake after mistake with rap radar.

  • ppppp

    cole is the most generic rapper out…

  • The caption’s right on point. The song wasnt decent.

  • dan

    the beat alone on this song should have kept it off this list. rap radar may have some of the worse lists i have seen

  • Sense

    Who are the people that like this song? Are we talking about 14 year old girls here because this song is almost unlistenable. The sing songy voice, dumb lyrics and corny beat is your thing? Smh. I doubt J. Cole himself likes this song.

  • Truthkicker

    This was hott! Fuck what you heard! Cole World

  • Musikal

    I didn’t like it either. But album was great.

  • AAA

    I don’t know how any sensible person can listen to this song and other J.cole songs and say this is good. J.Cole is absolutely terrible on this song. He was smart because he knew that this would be a major single and sell. And Im a die hard cole fan, I will support him to the grave, but this is easily his top 3 Worst songs ever.

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  • JHP

    I was like “WTF?” when I first heard the song too, but it grew on me, and everyone else like hell. It had appeared the song failed, and “Can’t Get Enough” was going to be the breakout hit single, but then Work Out ended up getting major radio play, it’s sales spiked back up, and now it’s a certified platinum hit. I disagree with it being on this list, and I disagree with How To Love being on it to, to tell the truth. The radio wore that song out, but it was a good pop song. I digress, this song is great, and Cole’s future’s looking brighter by the day

  • Tucq

    I didn’t like it either.
    That CAN’T GET ENOUGH was coo, tho

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  • b0ren0i

    i appreciated this one …

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  • fall back

    what the fuck?!?!?! rr is actually saying this is worse than gucci gucci. fuck that fuck rr and fuck hip hop im over this shit. un bookmark

    • This song did not add anything to anybody personal intellect or consumption as a music listener at all, most of his music doesnt. No way you can be so defensive about a song with zero substance.

  • C.O.O.K.

    Actually I think this song is underrated lyrically he told a story on that 1st verse. Any though it was simple it was dope. He told a story about not having shit to becoming the shit.

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