Common Speaks On Battling Drake

Common appeared on Sirius Hip-Hop Nation last night. During his interview, he spoke on his battle with Mr. Graham. War of the words, take two.

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  • Swa


  • Numbers

    Drake >

  • Word

    Common killed Drake cuz he actually said “Make no mistake, I’m talking bout Drake” while Drake spoke strictly subliminally.

  • Drake fan

    Common is too fucking old to making diss records

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Common is a beast. Drake is a bitch end of story. That Tattoo Artist in LA got Drake shook too.

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  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    [email protected]”Common is too fucking old to making DISS records”. One of the most idiotic comments. What does age have to do with this? Pleases tell me?

  • Sarcastic A$$hole

    @ZoomZoom Mr. Cartoon?

  • NuJew

    ZoomZoom Otis needs to get out of his Mama’s basement. Dude is on here 24/7.


  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    No its Tattoo Artist Kevin Campbell. The guy who tatted that chick with “DRAKE” on her forehead. He said Drake had 1 of goons show up to his tattoo shop while Drake was outside in the car.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    @NuJew. I moved on up. Im in the attic now. I would know if im on here 24/7?

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  • Stop Hatin

    common sucks he aint got shit on drizzy

  • Hip-Hop Fiend

    @Word Common threw subliminals at Drake first then Drake responded with subliminals, then Common called him out by name. Now if Drake don’t respond by using Common by name then I can see you call him a pussy or whatever.

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  • Awesome

    So drake is really soft. Common just generally said hip hop right now is soft. so Drake actually took offense to that so Drake responded back.

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  • Word

    @Hip-hop Fiend. Common said in an interview the song Sweet is about Drake before stay scheming so Drake had tone to decide if he wanted to subliminally diss him or not.

  • Loaded

    When will hip hop grow up. I hate rap fans. I remember when I used to be like this as a teen. I stopped listening to ja rule cause of “back down” then other stuff. I stop Listening to Dipset cause of jay. The. I grew up and realized I was keeping myself from good music. I realized music is just music and I love it all. This whole fiasco with drake and common is alright. But we all know in 5 months their gonna be shaking hands at MTV award show. Maybe in the future people will be more welcome to change in hip hop. Respect each other and what their doing. When an artist comes out who is different people won’t judge him/her. even if they don’t like the music they ll respect it.

  • King

    In that interview com said he was makibg a general statement n to no one in general but if drake got offended well if the shoe fits wear it….& that exactly what drake did wore that shoe like he never wore one before & threw subs at common

  • Dito

    The end rant on Sweet common is clearly talking to someone specific (let’s assume DRAKE) The rant is more about “manhood” than wanting boom bap back in hip hop and less signing. Drake prolly knows some behind the scene rhetoric comming from Common’s side along with the song sweet and decided to address it with a Sub. COmmon had no choice but to fake act like it wasnt about drake but if drake took offence well the shoe fits! << thats a bitch move imo.

    Drake then responds to you Common without having to say his name especially since Common used Drake names in interviews etc and then you reply back with a weak diss record and then claim in this interview that Drake made it seem like he wanted to battle? Naw you started it couldnt admit it then fake admitted it and then called his name out as if you had no choices!

  • Hip-Hop Fiend

    Yea and the only reason Common admited that Sweet was about Drake in that interview is because Drake said at that Christmas concert if Common got something to sat say to his face… I do agree with you that Common killed him on that Stay Schemin Remix but not cuz he called Comm on said his name at the end of the song talking grizzy.

  • Pissed

    It’s hip hop ain’t no damn backin out bs if your an MC you battle, it’s good for the culture. The problem is the little emotional twitter beef clowns have “beefin” mixed up with “battling”. It’s 2 different things.

    Bottom line, stay scheming & sweet was light work. Drake don’t really want a battle with Common.

  • SoSoSOSweet


  • @SoSoSOSweet

  • pax

    Common is a bitch…The only reason he went at Drake by doing “sweet” is cuz Serena got smashed by Drake and then ppl started talkin’ about it…Say the truth Common’ you got mad cuz your bitch gave it up so fast…

    He’s talkin about the culture and shit you fuckin old bitch ass nigga get bitchez ur age they might behave a lil better…And fuck anyone who says that common is a legend or he’s Hip Hop: Nas, OC, Big L, Biggie, Big Daddy Kane, Rakim,Q Tip these are true Hip Hop legends.

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  • B.Boggz

    This is a weak ass beef.

  • SoSoSOSweet
  • SoSoSOSweet


    drake is a good actor isnt he? haha

  • I don’t necessarily want hard hip hip hop back, I want real hiphop back… artist lyrics being about real life experience!! if it’s hard soft whatever so be it.. but not a cat singing and shit to sell records because dude know btiches like the way he look and she got his pictures on her wall that’s some boy band bieber type shit not true hiphop or these fake ass hard fraudulent gangster tales people spit.. hiphop sold its soul to sell records now real shit don’t even sell no more because of that.. what happened to being passionate about something you got in your heart and mind your going threw going in the booth and spit that to the world even if what your saying doesnt make you look cool.. bring that shit back please asap true music art..

  • We went from rapping about the struggle, to rapping about the struggle to get your tight ass shirt and jeans on and your rented maybach and your cubic zirconia chain……

  • Passion in my music click on my name for some tunes. @Hate on yourself
    But about this whole common drake issue


    DRAKE’S A SLUT BITCH sleepin around like any NIGGA JEW – Minaj, Rihanna, Dellucio, etc all these women in one year? HE MUST HAVE THEM JEW JIGGERS IN HIS SMALL PINK DICK. Common’s a legend, PERIOD. Drakes DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Word

    Oh ok I see. @HipHopFiend

    I dont wanna say I want old school hip hop back. Imean, I like the way it was this last year. Its not as bad as things were a couple years ago when niggas were jerking and cranking shit. Its actually died down and now real artist like Cole and Wale dont have to sell out to do good numbers. Solid numbers. Ross had a huge hit in BMF that was straight hip hop despite his character. It wasnt soft or pop. So based on that, I think hip hop has been good recently.

    As long as the bright colors shit is dead im good. I dont got a problem with Drake singing. Yes, hes soft. Cotton soft. Charmin toilet tissue soft. But is he good for the culture? Yes. Because he drew attention to Kendrick Lamar by featuring him on the album. The featured song was a JUST BLAZE production in Lord Knows. It wasnt all soft shit. Point is, Drake doesnt hurt the culture. Faggots like Soulja Boy, New Boyz, Those party like a rock star niggas and so on are the ones that set the culture back a couple years. I feel like Common and Drake should be able to coexist.

  • More Money

    @ZoomZoomDad, i hope you dont forget your buddies are in class making real progress with life whilst you busy playing Roc Nation Good Music advocate. Everytime i pop here you be trolling like you forget to go outside and play and meet girls

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  • Hands

    Common is lying like a motherfucker. Sweet was definitely about Drake, cause he was salty about ol girl. Drake didn’t say his name first, Common did. Common making it sound like Drake started this shit. Bullshit. Regardless his album is sick and if Drake responds this could get interesting. But I still say Common is salty over a chick that kinda makes him a bitch. Sorry.

  • quese

    Since where is there a age limit on making diss records them old niggas did it back in the day so wtf is everyone talking about common is too old eat a dick

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  • lol lol

    What you don’t know is Drake smashed Serina he smashed Taraji p henson, he smashed even Erica!!!! What do all of these girls have in common?? COMMON!!!!! HA!!
    Common just released the Bitch in him because little hommie smashed all and I do mean all of his ex girlfriends… So if you think Common one your sadly mistaken God only knows what Drake has cooking for him!

  • the finishline

    Drake been singing subliminals & rapping em. When he was dating Serena who the hell ya thought he was talking too. He let a lil of it out on stay scheming. Besides Take Care is sofT, too soft shit even R.Kelly was rougher than drizzy. Not beef, rap battle!

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  • Dead Snoopy

    I love Drake for the excellent work he’s done in his lane. The guy is making music for your women and that money is in his pocket. It’s LL COOL J 101, Son. But while I enjoyed it for the winter cd it is, Take Care is a seasonal record that I won’t give a fuck about when it thaws. You need uptempo bangers like ‘Forever’ and TAKE CARE abandoned some of Drake’s fire for sure money.

    Bottom line, Audrey….


  • Drake is WACK

    all yall lil soft as DRAKE fans kill me,…this wanksta Drake been screaming and asking for beef…stay with them weak as subliminals in “I’m on one” AND VARIOUS other soft tracks and now he crying foul..and his faggott fans are too. if yall cant handle plz dont listen to hip-hop…cuz yall are GAY and poising the youth with that softness…seriously

  • GodStrikeTheseFukersDown

    Judging by these comments I’m not surprised hip hop is where its at. You youngins fucked it all up supporting lame fucking rappers. You all are the reason niggas like soulja boy and lil b exist. You all are the reason why men wear skinny jeans and female clothes . You are all the reason men are more feminine now than ever. Congratulations, you single handily destroyed hip hop.

    PS. Commons album is dope & Drakes was nice too for an R&B album.

  • RM

    Common was right about Drake. He does hide behind niccas. Just look at how he handled that tattoo artist. Threatens the guy with violence then sends security on him once the guy takes him up on his offer to box one-on-one. Who does that?? A hoe azz nicca. Com called it. LOL

    Drake stays doing subliminals & talking greasy about veterans, new comers everybody than backing out when asked about it. He been doing this since the All of the Lights Remix remember?

    Taraji P Henson said she did NOT get with Drake because he’s too young & immature.. She said she DID get with Common tho. So stop lying. Drake couldn’t handle a woman like that.. Common dated Serena for two yrs off and on but they been over. Serena has not claimed Drake ONCE. She called him a “friend”. She recently started tweeted Com again too. So later for all that. And Drake never got with Erykah, they’re just friends. so that’s another lie.

    Com just wanted a battle probably. He’s bored with current hip hop and wanted to test his skills. I give him props for giving a direct shot.

  • Mishala

    The whole thing is stupid. Why would Common feel a need to call anyone out is beyond me. One would think he would have better things to do with his lyrical talents. Drake is a rapper, but like a lot of them these days, he’s just as good, if not better, st being marketed. He deserves props for his style, and for his tenacity in making it without being signed, but he doesn’t have the verbal to go with Common. He does have the mind, however, to last in this business, and that should be respected. This whole battling and calling each other out is stupid, anyway. I like Common, but I personally think it was s bitch move for him to call out this kid that said from day one he wasn’t doing this battle shit.

  • Tokyo Tony

    Common is the goat

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