• Bad

    So… disgracing yourself and your company with a week of shameless attention-grabs and traffic-boosters really works, huh?

  • baous


  • 2012

    What A Great Year 2011 Was, To Make The Top 10 In Any Of These Lists (The good ones at least) Should be a blessing To These artists…. Only Thing I Was Confused about Was A$AP Rocky not on one but, outside that 2011 was clearly a great year…

  • @2012

    A$AP obviously doesn’t run as much advertising money through RapRadar as, say, Wiz Khalifa.

  • deez

    funny how you put all those shady artists on there…yellowwolf has the most underated album? yea fuking right more like overrated…and garbage..
    this is a prime example of why you should never trust this blog…this and the fact that even tho you hate 50/gunit your too SCARED to say it…


    Looks a a recount of Popular post even the bad ones on RR blog the ones the got the most views.

    I like the best mixatpes list super cool.
    Not sure about the best album list but it’s alright.

    Worse album list are really lame like the razies that’s hater shit should not belong on RR.
    But you post about those releases all the time then bitch it’s on the radio. HA!

  • R&G

    Album of the year : WC – Revenge of the Barracuda

  • Tokyo Tony

    50 cents mix tape was horrible…

    Lupes fotp was loaded with real life material, meda4z, lyrics and doesn’t even get mentioned…wow…

  • p. dom

    No “undun” by The Roots on either the underrated or best albums of the year list……fail.


    Why dream of the top when Hip hop is from the bottom.

    even if jigga got there don’t mean you can trust is moves.

    The music is great for sure but exploiting is not a good thing or to be part of a network of exploiters.

    Half of the number ones on these list are called a gift like the same reason the biz is corrupt they alway’s give the money to the same artist like the corrupt goverment grants., his biz is a shame but the music is great. 😉 but now it’s free music so we rich forever also with are downloads…this place smells like to much money not enough sharing.

  • sid

    wale is all over this list. finaly getting recognized

  • hunnid

    I still don’t understand how you didn’t even mention RED Nation on any of these lists…

  • Man

    All you dumbasses do is talk shit about this website..if u dont like it leave…you guys are a bunch of hypocrites…or what?? You guys don’t have any things else to do but post hating comments?? The ones that reply and get butthurt to this are the ones who I’m talking to..

  • fu

    i liked wale album more than any other on this list

  • Internet Philosophy

    Is it worse to be a pointless hater, or someone who pointlessly hates haters?


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  • fu

    lol. meek mill best mixtape?……naaahhhh

  • Shipwreckdakota

    all these guys hating on YN’s lists, but you on his siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiite.
    I don’t agree with every part of the list either, but these aren’t MY lists, these are RAPRADARs lists. No one’s going to agree 100%. Learn, live, grow.

  • Mic

    It’s rediculous that undun wasn’t on the best album list…

  • Rap radar fucked the whole MMG

    MMG makes every list
    Ambition better than TM103? Fuck outta here!
    Self made better than section .80?
    Who ever made this list doesn’t know shit and should be death.

  • JJ

    RR taking MMG dickriding to levels never witnessed before in the history of man…

  • owww

    i thought Fabolous – Soul Tape was up there.

  • Niggaz say they’re ditching this site and shit but rapradar is their damn homepage…smh

  • 2dopeboyz

    Ross Radar ughhhhh, rozay must be paying good money.

  • Matt

    About 95% of these posts are trashing your list, including this one. When EVERYONE thinks you’re wrong, you’re not right. Isn’t it time to put your face in the “you played yourself” section or address this?

  • Got that blog money baby, i can show money baby, i can blow money baby. Shout out to all the haters, still the number one blog and we getting that green.

  • Bonobo

    Bonobo knows the REAl BEST GUEST was NAS on outro

  • Man

    @matt this list is him giving OPINIONS on what HE thinks is the worst and best…you can never be wrong or right on giving opinions especially when it comes to music…the only reason they post a lot of MMG on here is because they are the only one putting in work

  • The one that gets me the most is Eminem’s “Throw It Up” verse being on the “Best Guest Verses” list. I was a huge Em fan as a kid like most of us were……..but shit like this getting labeled “Best Guest Verses” lol thats a fail.

  • LKBZ

    I’m perfectly aware that RR have a huge grudge against Game, madly hatin’ on him, but:

    The R.E.D. Album should’ve been in the Best albums list


    Purp & Patron should’ve been in the Best mixtaper list…

  • fried rice and soy sauce

    Lets be real here tho, aside from the subjective opinions an all, i think its fair to say there being a lil too biased when it comes to mmg. Wale top albums really ?? Self made top 5 ???

  • The Guy

    Still riding them dicks huh

  • Jamel



  • The Guy

    Just like me huh

  • Good Guy Greg

    Most Slept on Mixtape of the Year: #1 Sean Rose & Gilbere Forte – SUMMERTIME SUNSHINE NIGHTFALL – http://indy.livemixtapes.com/mixtapes/14167/sean_rose_gilbere_forte_summertime_sunshine_nightfall.html

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  • rus

    luda mixtape was the best last year

  • Mauri

    Anybody else see Elliot Wilson laughing at y’all? I’d applaud him but my hands are tied. If you can’t beat them…

  • Kevin

    Oh ok now I see why everybody on 2dopeboyz yesterday was trashing this site.

  • ColoradoKnight

    AP: Mercedes Benz has announced the discontinuation of the Maybach. In related news, the music industry has decided to follow suit and discontinue Rick Ross and MMG.

  • Powpowpow

    Haha they trash this site on another site but they come back to this site…what a bunch of two faces

  • Dman

    ok so MMG akbum gets ranked higher than section80 and cole world?…fuck it i give up

  • fat nigga

    Fuck ya all! Stupid americans u take hip hop so serious!just listen and enjoy!get a life,the lists r ok!the site is ok too!u hate it?leave it!its simple!i hope when ya die hip hop will save ya from hell,lol u niggas r hip hop slaves.

    A mid finger from egypt.bye

  • shieet

    Game – Purp & Patron best mixtape
    Game – Red Album should be in the top 10

  • Wow

    This list pretty much ruined your credibility as a review blog….balls deep in Rick Ross drake team, like a boss…. What a joke, at leat tech nine was 5th on a list…..love quick but that album was balls….

  • ppppp

    what a horrible list

  • Chris Searl

    Damn RR y’all are losing some respect… I’m a little dissapointed you didn’t take the opportunity to make these lists more detailed… Alot of questionable choices

  • cheddar bob, BITCH

    @hunnid because RED album sucked fucking balls all over the place. Being loaded with top dollar producers and features doesn’t make a good album. It was shit. Pure unadulerated, name-drop ridden shit.


  • Tucq

    Your list ain’t bad, but THRONE wasn’t #1. It has some good songs on it, but I don’t even play it anymore.

    WHERE’S R.E.D. AT?
    Or Slim tha Mobster’s mixtape?


    smh …I damn near forgot Rick Ross own yall…lmao…yall damn well Meek Mill aint have the #1 single last year…smh Yelawolf is garbage and he proved it with his debut…. but other than that yall pretty much nailed it… Wayne is disappointing now and forever…he chasing fans, they not chasing him.. Lil B should always be number one on any worst list ..remember that or simply dont acknowledge him

  • B. Emerson 909

    #1 on best guest verses should have been ScHoolboy Q for “Brand New Guy”

  • ?

    Niggas In Paris was ranked as the best beat last year, beating I’m A Boss. But I’m A Boss was ranked as the best single last year, beating Niggas In Paris. The only logical conclusion that I can possibly draw from this is that you believe Meek Mill out-rapped Kanye West and Jay-Z.

    Just pointing this out.

  • Anyone that puts Mac miller album on the best list must be in or working for the illuminati, that shit was str8 trash

  • Top 3 rob joints was free

  • brooklynmintz

    Meek Mill had a great year but Dream Chasers was not the best mix tape of the year. A$AP should have been in the top 5.

  • haq

    best of lists on this site are a joke, so don’t take it seriously.

  • spuds

    How the FUCK is Friend of the People and The Statement 2 not in best mixtapes??? Whoever decides this shit is fucking stupid.

  • really?

    reading this list it really puts into perspective how bad this year was for music. 2 chains is a fucking joke and had a better mixtape then ASAP?


    fucking embarrassing lists on all levels. You sure can tell Paul Rosenburg co-owns the site as well.

    To the posters:


  • spuds

    Also. Take Care should be #1. Section .80 and TM103 need to be higher. Get J.Cole, Mac Miller and Wale the fuck out of best albums. Stop riding The Throne and MMG’s dicks. Why is All 6’s and 7’s not in best albums? How does Kendrick not at least have one feature in the best features list? Where is Blood, Sweat, and Tears? Where is R.E.D. Album? Where is Goblin? Why is The Dream higher than The Weeknd? As far as singles go, where is MGK – Wild Boy? Where is Flocka – Round of Applause? Where is Trae Tha Truth – I’m On? Pusha – Trouble On My Mind? GODDAMIT RAP RADAR, WHY IS KENDRICK ONLY ON ONE OF THESE LISTS? Why aren’t Los or XV in mixtapes? The Real Is Back 2 > The Real Is Back. I WANT ANSWERS RR! DISAPPOINTMENT IS AN UNDERSTATEMENT RIGHT NOW.

  • Erik

    Please don’t do this next year

  • Your Life Is a Lie

    Lighten up kids, everything’s for sale in America including your favorite music blog site. Its always been this way in the music business just like it is in the rest of the world. The best thing for you to do is use the site to hear newly released material and ignore the ‘paid for corporate influence’ and you will do just fine. Get money yellow cake

  • Peekay

    Worst year end lists go to RapRadar! Proving that payola still works! Congratulations fellas. #1 Underrated album for Yelawolf? That should’ve been the #1 most disappointing albums and that’s just 1 gripe.

  • FACT

    2.0 boys – eminem slaughterhouse and yelawolf should be #1 on best beats of ’11 for sure…illest beat ive ever heard in my entire life. lyrically the song is insane, and the beat is dope. could even be #1 song of the year. they all killed it.




  • sonny s class

    no styles p master of ceromonies wtf

  • jay
  • Royalty of this shyt!

    no Nas ‘nasty’ ??

  • What a crazy year!!

  • Dashing

    Looking back at this list now, it’s obvious where the mistakes were. The Common album is rated WAAAAAY too high. Better than J.Cole? Or Kendrick? Hard to argue it’s better,more successful, or more impactful than either of those albums.

    And let’s face it. WTT was epic, but it’s not a better album than Drake’s Take Care. As much as I don’t like wheelchair Jimmy, he had the best rap album of the year in 2011.