Forbes Interviews LL Cool J

While at the CES convention in Las Vegas last week, Forbes caught up with LL Cool J. After plugging his musical venture, boomdizzle, he addressed his gripe with the music business. From Todd’s perspective, radio is mostly to blame. Somethings, we just can’t live without.


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  • petey wheatstraw (@

    ladies love old james

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  • CBH

    Speaking the truth LL

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  • JustMyOpinion

    WOW, great interview. He was talking about traditional radio, you know the one where you’re in the car for an hour and only hear THREE songs (more commercials). In my opinion, XM/Sirius satellite will change your like, you’ll never listen to terrestrial radio again. Can’t remember the last time I listened to “regular” radio (over 5 years).

  • Brutally Honest

    L is speaking the truth , but how about you, Kool Herc, Akrikka Bambatta , Chuck D and the other pioneers of hip-hop & other legendary musicians such as Willie Nelson, R.E.M. , Julio Iglesias, etc . Get together and create a no bias, music sponsored FM radio station , that FFC will approve and you have the solution solved . I’m sure they can get some investor friends they know and draft a proposal and wallah …… a radio station that caters to the public’s taste

  • Brutally Honest


    Oh but you have that station already , ” XM/Sirius” satellite

  • mrbabyhands

    I see you LL, dropping that knowledge on em

  • djblakjak

    Seems like He is having trouble getting his single played. I like XM and Pandora but there programming sux as. I mean XM will play anything and I mean anything. Like if he is an est. Artist he gets at least of 1 month in rotation. ANd Pandora programming is awful. I type in T.I. and get a just timberlake song nxt then it goes to Robin thicke. Really. But he is correct with the strict playslist. Hell I dont watch tv cus a reality show is on every hour.