• So tell me B.Dot, since Mozilla may be doing this blackout tomorrow and they provide WordPress for your site, will Rapradar be dark tomorrow as well?

    Happy birthday by the way.

  • David

    Turn ^

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  • CALifornian

    RING ring ring ring ring . HA

  • B.Dot

    Thanks man!

  • Karma

    A) He should have actually switched it to Joe Montana.
    B) You know how sad it is that you had to link the Wikipedia page for Joe Montana? Step your football IQ up just a little bit people.
    C) Good question tho- ARE you guys gonna be blacking out tomorrow? Or is YN gonna just do a new “Blackout” on SOPA?

  • Karma

    And happy birthday, apparently.

  • FlocKaveLLi

    i Feel so bad for these people

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  • ocreppinn

    They play the song before everykickoff..fuck the giants. Go niners

  • HK

    Good song wasted on a garbage team


    THIS CANT BE REAL….. WOW THIS WACK SONG WOW.. AND IM A BIG FAN OFF FUTURE…. WELL SHOUT OUT TO HIM TO BE ABLE 2 MAKE IT WHICH THIS WACK SONG…. BUT ANYWAY HIS FIRST STUDIO ALBUM PLUTO?? next month lol i think it will be pushed back…. this nigga is sign to rocco i know dat? but is he a major artist yet?

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