• Gangster Gibbs doin his thang follow me @DooDoo_Brown1

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  • banana_clip

    that’s a big clip

  • rahrahrah

    Nice. What happened to video of “illegal”? That was up for a minute.

  • Jamel

    Gangsta Gibbs is da future

  • Larry

    fuck rick ross

  • lol

    yay street cred for madlib!fake ass nigga.

    stickup home invasion thug scum. these are our heroes?

  • lol

    wack annoying beat.

  • Ym

    Great madlib beat, great raps by gibbs, album will be everything u are not expecting!

  • Milli

    its real life stuff. that all the respect he needs. hes not tyring to be anyone hero just to show the world that this isnt reality. ross lies and so do countless other rappers take away ther lies waht do u have???

  • Dope Beat To bad yall all goin to jail… haha

  • Jay

    Damn!!! Who is she?!

  • midwestg

    and that’s why gibbs the best

  • cheddar bob, BITCH

    Cosign @Milli

    Gangster rap isn’t glorifying this at all, they’re showing what they lived. Rapping is a way for them to escape from that fucked up situation. Hell by showing the world that they live in, it might reach some suburban white kids and inspire them to do more with their opportunities.

  • seanj


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  • paz
  • Cheese

    Great Job!

  • woah

    This is a video for real niggaz. Not no Scarface wannabe who glorifies selling drugs and being a thug. Gibbs did what he did to get by “trynna feed my family, give a fuck about yo feedback”. This shit is too real. Most people cant relate to this, and thats how it should be. Being poor and having to resort to robbing, selling, and killing to survive to make money is not cool or fun. Rick Ross stays talking about the perks, but forgets to speak on the losses and hardships. Freddie Gibbs > MMG and anyone else.

  • rahrahrah

    @woah. And the personal lyrics about sellling to his own family members because they were probably going to cop by sucking someone else off, and the uncle who got popped trying to jack someone because of their habits. Honestly its depressing. Its the blues.

  • Derrt

    LOL another shot thrown at Waka Flocka. Gangsta Gibbs is that nigga


  • Ny

    Martin Luther King Jr would be so proud of this video.his dream came true huh?

  • B

    woah said it

  • Yo

    CTE WORLD!!!!!!

  • 215AllDay

    1. Rap music is music. Music = Art. Why are black people not allowed to express themselves how they want? If they want to be out there like Odd Future or thuggin like Gibbs, that is how they choose to express themselves and their art form. Do you ask the same questions when any white actor plays a gangster, killer, pirate etc? NO!

    2. While I understand where you are coming from, please don’t cheapen and simplify M.L.K. and his message by frivolously throwing it out when you see some shit you don’t agree with. He meant more than that and if you want to be real about it he would no agree with the message per se but he would agree with the freedom to make money and to not be limited by the color of your skin. Personal tastes and his overall message should not be mixed.

  • Ny

    white kids dont watch Pirates of the Caribbean and go out want to be pirates.black people watch and listen to rap music and want to imitate it.there was a episode on the new scared straight on the A&E with a troubled kid and they asked him who he wanted to be like he said Lil BOOSIE.Lil BOOSIE is in jail and i think LIL BOOSIE spoke to him.i remember along time ago i read a interview with the rapper Saigon he said he wanted to be like some of his favorite rappers when he was young and he found out alot of them didnt live what they were rappin about and he was because he thought thats what they were living but they wasnt.the song is hot though.and his flow and delivery is crazy.but there is good and bad in the world and he’s just it expressing it.i understand

  • twitter

    This video is a classic…..People are ignorant now a days….He isnt glorifying no type of violence…he’s just saying out how it is…how he lives his own life, its survival…..people get mad about rap music being to violent…but yet they show these prison shows on cnbc….gang shows on spike tv….violent movies and shows on tv like its nothing…but when it comes to rap its a problem? fuck that. Gangsta gibbs…Huey Newton fight the power…show em how it is

  • midwestg

    just the fact that he sparks all this conversation and debate is the key to his success, he is shedding light on some real, not “600 Benz’s” or a whole song about a watch. Its real life, real lessons, real shit. I hate thugs, but they exist and its a situation we as a society have to confront. Ignoring it or glorifying it aint gonna do shit but make you more surprised when u get jacked next.

  • rahrahrah

    @Ny no doubt these rappers are role models. And people will casually look at a video like this and get the impression he’s glorifying. Its like the Rosenberg PSA against drunk driving. You could put out a PSA about all the negative messages that hiphop puts out; bitches, dropping out of high school, smoking weed all day, violence, not being fiscally responsible… I glad that an artist like Gibbs shows some social responsibility. Of course he can always show more. And that’s my hope for him. I can’t get behind some of Nas lyrics, but I’m glad he matured to the point where he could do an album like Distant Relatives. When I listen to “The Ghetto”, forget the fact that he got on a track that Big L killed and made it his own!, I’m especially encouraged that Gibbs will express more consciousness and self love instead of the ignorance and ego that you see from so many mainstream artists.

  • street fam

    white ppl don’t go out and try to be pirates but some of them went out and tried to be eminem or marilyn mansion (or whatever his name is)

    race don’t matter, when you’re young, you’re easily influenced

    but it’s the parents job, not strangers to raise kids the right way

  • j

    cosign @midwestg Gibbs is a controversial rapper. He may not be destined for mainstream success due to how the market is nowadays, but what he may do is leave a legacy behind him. Maybe this generation wont realize it, but the next will.

  • rob

    Gibbs baby Gibbs

  • k_turner

    freddie gibbs > meek mill

  • L4U

    Madlib is the TRUTH!! West WEST

  • Ny

    Song is hot beat is hot flow and delivery is crazy.alot of his shit is hot.but i gotta keep it real.what u see in the video is the reason why the Klu Klux Klan will never be what they were in the 1920s.they dont have to do shit.niggas are killing each other.he just rappin bout whats goin and where he came from.it aint his fault.

  • ClarkR


  • Jsjajwsj

    prolly my fav song of all time tbh, right before Deep

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