Odd Future Announce Mixtape & Tour

OFWGKTA have announced the release of OF Tape Vol. 2 mixtape for March 20 featuring new music from the entire collective. They will also hit the road for a tour to coincide with the mixtape. Fuckin radical!

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  • Hop on a dick

    It’s not a fucking mixtape you fuckin idiots. You run a shitty ass website

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  • FAH Q

    Earl got dammit I’m still in my damn pajammaz/waitin for mom to pick me up from da damn trampoline jump/ and if I pick her up I’m fuckin and I’m humpin wit no lubricant/ I’m using spit piss Vaseline or something!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dr. Dre’s Ass

    Ohhh Gooodddd Or Bitchin and Conplaining Music

  • MedinaAndrew

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  • Swa

    First dude says its not a tape.. Then wtf??

  • Protest

    I thought these niggas went away… fuck outta here with that bullshit already

  • Looks like their fanbase are compromised. Odd Futures not tight.

  • Trill

    Odd future is garbage. RR is a shitty website. Gonna ban my IP again for speaking the truth again?

  • Larry

    lol if you dont like it dont come here. anyway im looking forward to it

  • That Guy

    Odd future is whack. Real hip-hop please.

  • phraynkhp

    hope they come to texas

  • Joeycrack

    Funny how quick there buzz went away…if niggas can’t be taken serious they won’t survive..these liitle kids can’t stand still for 2 seconds

  • Marsha

    its not a mix tape! it an album on OF Records… how quick there buzz went away?! they just sold out New Zealand and Brixton Academy in London.. TV show starts in March… this tour will sell out.. real fans aint going no where

  • I find it hilarious how everyone used to say I can’t relate to Em, he raps about too much crazy shit.

    Now Odd Future gets praised for it. They literally rap about nothing.

    Funny world we live in.

  • OG Big daddy Snuffle lufficans

    All of you “Real Hip Hop Please” & “Their buzz went away fast” azz niggaz need to shut the fuck up…
    Name another group un 21 that can sell out shows world wide nigga? Niggaz in New Zealand and shit…Japan..then come bacc to LA & sell out twice? cmon my nigga..buzz? fucc buzz!
    Asap Rocky had a buzz…and that niggas wack as his 91′ 40 ounce & french braids…wheres his buzz at?
    He aint sellin out shows.. Earl gone be home in February..Watch all you niggaz hop bacc on OF dicc.

  • ClarkR


    Eminem has sold more records than any rapper…

    So “everyone” does not feel that way.

    • Eminem has an identity problem and so does his fanbase, and so does odd future and their fanbase. Compromised identities.

  • Abel

    I agree with Larry, all people do on here is fucking diss peoples stuff, why don’t you make your own shit and just listen to that? I like Odd Future (i don’t like all of their rich white fan base) cuz its stuff to act stupid to and have fun, and also some shit teenagers think about. If you don’t like it then listen to your “trill nigga muzik”.

  • Berklee

    ^ur like 13. shut up

    • that video is ridiculous. Not only does government need to censor the web, they need to control who can access media outlets. When the government heeds to citizens and not their own agenda, then they are powerless.