• ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Curtis Jackson is a great example of a entrepreneur. The man just hustles. Luda been on his grind as well.

  • Lil Einstein

    If you say so zoom….what u don’t know, artist are propositioned with business deals everyday. It’s up to them to pick which ones are good investments…I.e jayz has lost 2-300m in bad investments…this headphones shit is whack….they are the same headphones that’s been around for years only with new logos and entertainers signed on to promote the product taking there % of course. And yall, the consumer fall for that shit. Sucker is born every min

  • Oj da Cornball

    Lil Eistein
    you know wel 50 was proposition for this. Unlike Dre, Luda, Jay-z headphones, he owns and is president of the company that built the headphone.
    And you know well 50 track record since he came has been smart investment, can you say Vitamin water? not only his investment, but he actually made the brand bigger into the 4.1 billion acquisition.
    So yes, he hustles. Headphone with Kleer tech has not been aroind and are same. u hating kid.
    stop hating. lol
    i mean u have to say something negative to this? lol

  • Jaymalls

    Both these niggas just seen how much dre was making and decided to hop on the bandwagon. If I put both artist in the studio with the same multi-track sessions up. And told them to do a mix… THEY COULDN’T! Unlike dr dre. THEY DON’T KNOW SHIT ABOUT “SOUND”

    P.S. Luda’s headphones = skullcandy SMH

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  • str8jckn

    @Jaymalls …the irony being that the beats have horrible sound quality, they just have great bass. The reviews on Luda’s and 50’s headphones have been great.

  • dasda

    @ Lil einstein …. idk about Soul shit … but Curtis product is brand new … new technology and design… and all that . You’re just saying shit that haters want to hear … do a lil research first faggot

  • joe nasty

    haha who noticed Urkel at 2:12 and then dude from *NSYNC at 2:19 both says “audio tech”

  • quese

    Li einenstein obviously u dnt kno shit 50 stated clearly theses head phones are his company and that separates him from beats by Dre and soul by luda these head phones are the shit by the way

  • This is TANK from the video and here a few things you should know…1) LUDA was the first to feature Beats By Dre in a video (“UNDISPUTED”) 2) LUDA is an owner in the Soul Headphone line…not a paid spokesman for the brand. 3) The sound quality of SOUL Headphones is superior to BEATS by DRE, the price point is better, and they’re are definitely more durable the “BREAK BEATS”, and 4) SOUL headphones where designed by engineer’s from BOSE and BMW to ensure the best quality for the consumer, this isnt just for a check. Hit me @iknowtank if you want to talk more about this.