New Video: French Montana x Ace Hood “You Don’t Hear Me Though”

Bad Boy’s new addition and We The Best’s finest both take us to the gentlemen’s club for their new video, directed by Antwan Smith. If you weren’t listening then, you will definitely be watching it now.


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  • Man

    STOP sopa AND pipa.
    Its called the illuminati. It would help all the governments if the internet was shut down. What started the egypt rebellion? Facebook. Other countries saw that so they rebelled also. What fueled occupy the streets? The internet. If the bill passed it would help the government of not letting us see whats going on in the country and it would prevent rebellions against governments.

  • uhuh

    this is actually dope

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    Ross is hot but montana is gonna be doper :

    Best thing about 2012 is ross + montana will drop a LP.
    major +reps for Hip Hop



    I’m feeling this song, too bad that this video is soo wack.. They could have used all that money laying on the table to pay for a better music video..

  • Black Shady

    COke Boyzzzzzzzzzzz

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  • flow tired subject tired beat zzzzzz

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  • RB

    “Gabrielle Union my bitch” – montana *calls d.wade*