Swizz Beatz Under Fire For Megaupload

Wait, stop the party presses. According to the NY Post, Swizz Beatz is the monster behind Megaupload. Who knew?! Last month, Universal Records issued cease and desists to have promos featuring their artists removed. Mega returned fire with a lawsuit. Period.

A Mega rep told us:

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  • ridalen

    swizz a smart nigga man…had no idea he owned that

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  • Matt

    Showtime!!!!! lmao

  • uhuh

    yo im still confused. i read this like 3 times

  • rahrahrah

    @ uhuh. You might want to check out the post article. Swizz is CEO. He got his industry pals to do promotion. The labels that his pals are signed to are trying to restict publication of the promotion. Swizz’s company has filed a lawsuit asserting his right to the different artist endorsement.

    Wonder how long he’s been CEO?

  • Bonobo

    Mega upload is a hong kong company son.
    Showtime doesn’t own it. Come on

  • dutchmaster

    wow!!! swizz has just moved up on the smartest artists in the game ladder (because now we know)

  • unKut

    @ Bonobo

    You do realize that Swizz does int’l business and companies park these types of services outside of the USA for legal reasons.

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  • fuk waka

    hold on a min!!! swizzy own or part owns megaupload ?!?! damnn!!

  • http://www.myspace.com/onepercentfree

    OH my lord…..

    Now i know why kanye called him the greatest hiphop producer of all times.

    Possibly the biggest distributor of XVX plug ins.


  • d

    @ Bonobo
    Although its incorporation is located in Hong Kong, the company does not operate in Hong Kong

  • jake

    the company is started and owned by the german multi millionaire hacker Kim Schmitz



    support piracy!
    fuck them greedy fucks.



  • Oj da Cornball

    Don’t buy it. If so, Swizz must’ve recently bought the company.
    Somehow i think the info is misconstrued.

    If I’m wrong, indeed Swizz is smart. yet i can’t help think how much he would’ve bragged for ages on it, but then again seeing that it pirated so many copyright properties then it could make sense why he’s been quiet about it.

    Oh, just read some previous post clarifying owner etc…

  • e

    you may be rich, but you’re still a slave

  • Da

    something doesnt seem right here

  • Orange Elephants

    now thats fuckin G’ing it out hardcore.. keep doin yo thing SWIZZ BEATZ!!

  • Bonobo

    My bad my bad. He does run the site day to day. Which I find pretty amazing cause that site never stops. Ever

  • Hip-Hop Fiend

    Thats not fair that he gets to stick his penis in Alicia Keys. He probly used her money to buy the company.

  • damn!!!! i had no idea! if its true that Swizz owns or at least has a part of Megaupload, thats truely gangsta!

    What’s a Ross after this?

  • gotti

    the feds own megaupload

  • The Riddler

    I jus renewed my premium account last week, showtime!!

  • Jaymalls

    Good gracious… What am I doing with my life????

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