• Willy T

    Lord please give us back Dunk & take Wiz instead. Enough is enough.

  • ONIFC should be more of the old Wiz he said, lets see if he holds to his word.


    Willy T saids it all.

  • well its safe to say this will be a flop then.

  • Collar Cali


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  • BlackNation

    Wiz fell off hard and he went commercial…now hes tryin to come back to the Kush and OJ Wiz….its too late ( btw those last 3 words should be the title of his next album )

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  • Sarah

    Forget the haters. If Wiz’s album is going to be anything like the music he has been releasing recently or tracks he has been featured on then it is going to be some dope dopeness.

  • Donn

    Theres a second pic of him in the studio with Adam Levine from Maroon 5 so yea

  • We Want The Old WIz