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  • Kandla

    this is a nice joint right here!

    Quick Question? Is this the video EVERYBODY been talking about -> http://t.co/WlUdBAy ..if so WOW

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  • t

    u dumb as shit if u sellin yo gold…

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  • london town

    are they still under grand hustle??

  • big krit sucks. it’s amazing how you bloggers are just dick riders. dude is nothing special at all.

  • gotti

    krit is a better producer than rapper

  • Ball & JG still nice as shit, smooth joint right here

  • Big Krit is the future, his beats are classic, his rapping is in the moment and his time should be now.

    But we’ll probably have to wait till the dust settles. On some Picasso levels.

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  • tank

    Ball n G! Real niggs foreva do big things! Been droppin joints since the majority of dees microwave rappers was suckin titty milk! Yet they still hvnt rcvd their just due! Not fr diddy! Not fr tony draper! Jcor n hope i wont to mention grand hustle in da future! Dees cats deserve nutn but da best when ever they r represented by any label, current or future! Hope they keep putting in that work (TOGETHER) til we’re old n gray…….real talk!

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