• Da5’9

    Dope song….hopsin is fucking incredible and murdered everyone on that track

  • phillmatic

    my niggaa hopsin

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  • cant wait. This video is gonna be dope as fuck. Hopsin killed this shit


    Dat nigga hopsin is dope AF

  • stank1017

    This song >>>>>

    So glad its finally getting a video!

  • realtalk

    it’s good to see hopsin getting recognition. raw.

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  • get bucks

    Hopsin got flow 4real!!! I’m glad son is gettin’ a shot out here.

  • This song is dope.I ‘m sure this vid will be sick.This preview looks official
    Loch Drake Headlines freestyle music video Featured on http://artists.viewhiphop.com/?p=2190 @ViewHipHopBlog

  • MegaMan

    Hopsin is talentless, he copies Hodgy Beats’ swag and disses Tyler, the Creator.

  • hgfk

    Thats my nigga hopsin mad talant

  • the void

    @megaman. hopsin has had that style since the odd future kids were in middle school. tyler stole his style.

  • MegaMan

    @the void

    Hopsin copies Eminem and Hodgy Beats. Tyler is original. ‘Goblin’ is a masterpiece.

  • D

    hopsin is the future

  • paz
  • Da5’9

    @megaman you can’t even compare hopsin to hodgy beats bc hopsin would murder him anyday and Tyler too

  • Coroner

    Hopsin is the future, best MC in the game!

    Tyler is trash, so I don’t blame Hopsin for dissing him!

  • The Guy

    HOPSIN !!!!

    And lol @ MegaMan BASTARD is wayyyyyyyyyyyyy better than Gobiln

  • MegaMan

    Hopsin fans are annoying as hell. Tyler is more lyrical than Hopsin.

  • canttellifseriousorbadtroll

    @MegaMan Man stfu Hop copies Hodgy Beats? wtf have you been smoking, Hodgy is wack as fuck and about 95% of his rhymes don’t even make sense, oh and Goblin is for fucking hispter emo faggots. props to RR for finially posting something related to Hopsin, bout damn time, we don’t wanna hear about wack ass Future and Gucci, V-Nasty….

  • Sugarshane

    Hopsin is dope and odd future barring franking ocean are for little nerdy ass kids. Pure garbage. Tech got this track on lock tho. Let’s be clear.

  • CaliSteppin

    “Goblin sucked so bad I got blowjobs from it”

  • JHP

    How the hell is Tyler The Creator more lyrical than Hopsin? Hopsin is capable of using multi-syllibic rhyme schemes that are beyond the level of half the rappers in the game right now, and his metaphors are on another level too. He’s capable of promoting positive messages in his music like in “Nocturnal Rainbows”, where as Tyler creates mentally retarded songs like “Bitch Suck Dick”. Understand, I’m not even really a Hopsin fan, I’ve only listened to his whole album all the through one time, and I’m not a Tyler The Creater hater, I like his music too. Hopsin is obviously more lyrical though

  • cleonjones

    Hopsin is nice, but he was just OKAY on this track he could have done better