Common Freestyles In Atlanta

“You can ask why, people wanting me to keep dissing Canada Dry/I can’t do that”

Earlier this evening, V-103′s Ryan Cameron held a Q&A with Common at the Vanquish Lounge. Afterwards, Ryan threw up cue cards of random topics that he wanted Com to mention in his freestyle. Instigators. Ha!


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  •!/@gtfomike mundie


  • jrose

    ^ drakes music is corny u dumbfuck not com

  • advercity

    Common should target rappers who dont freestyle for real. He’s got a skill that other rappers dont have the right to clam credit of; and that freestyling.

  •!/@gtfomike mundie

    the ”beef” is corny to me… chill lol

  • advercity

    Real freestyling exemplified. If you write a rap, its not a freestyle. I’m not a Common fan, still a rap expert, and freestyle acknowledger. Freestyles are not written and are impromptu without premeditation (of course the rapper has rights to referance); and freestyle is not a term that should be exchanged loosely because its a special skill.

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  • itsMe

    What a cornball…….common losing respect for this dumb shit

    • advercity

      You probably enjoy crossdressing rappers, skinny jeans, and rappers labeling writtens freestyles. Like I said, I’m not a Common fan. The freestyle was entertaining, and wasnt crap, nearly; was consistent and off the top like a real freestyle is. To counter your comment, Common is entertaining and solidifying a fanbase. People who label written raps freestyles are lame for trying to get credit theyre not due.

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  • bromane

    lol common looking desperate give it homie no one cares about your career no matter how many times you diss drake you will always be a boring rapper you lost homie this is what a so call legend career has come to lol dissing rappers for attention and sales you wack commom

  • fail

    when did com stoop to such lows, don’t be ducking like you never wanted nothing!

  • M.T

    Now thats what I call a freestyle. Dope. Drake stans are mad tho. lol

  • AMF

    SMH Why is Common lookin desperate

  • Donn

    As beautiful as Common’s album was, let’s be honest, before Drake Common used to get 3 comments on RapRadar lol

    Let’s be real

  • Young Skate God

    Desperate,this OLD NIGGA is making himself look really bad!

  • Shade

    Drake > Common

  • Dr. Dre’s Ass

    My Ass > Common

  • ….

    what drakes done in his short career has surpassed your ten year career in music..stop dissing someone whos making a bigger impact in the music industry…you sold around 20x less then what drake did first week…give it up…you cant win this battle…you could come up with biggie ryhmes but you wont win…cuz you dont have enough fans..

    • advercity

      Winning a battle has nothing to do with fans. Bar for bar, who insulted who the worst is who wins the battle. Freestyling is a skill, a form of its own, writing is its own category. Two different appreciations. If rappers are not going to freestyle and write a rhyme, then they dont get a freestylers credit because they dont have or didnt exemplify that skill. Nothings wrong with writing a rap, freestyling is not the same as writing a rap. I’m not a common fan, still, to correct you, winning a battle has nothing to do with how many fans you have. I can tell you are a follower (looking for the next trend to follow).

  • ….

    and another thing who gives a fuck about freestyling..why do i wanna hear rappers coming off the head with ryhmes that subpar…i rather have someone think about there ryhmes and come out with some creative,clever, witty shit…the dopest shit comes from rappers like fred the godson,hollow the don niggas that you know think about the shit they say and comes out riduculously dope…

  • Collar Cali

    I’m sorry, did I miss something?
    How is Common stooping low? I’m a huge Drake but honestly Drake should have STFU. Why put yourself in a position when nobody even said your name, Wayne (How To Love), Wiz, Big Krit (Vent), even J.Cole (on Work Out) raps & have sung before but none of them ever took it personally. U didn’t see Wayne feelin any kind of way. Drake is 2 sensitive & honestly alot of people never paid attention to “Sweet” until Drake jumped bad. I’m over the whole thing. Kill nay-sayers off by being even more successful. Nuff said.

  • fail

    common is stooping low because he sublim dissed drake denied it then admitted to it then pretended like it wasnt because he was salty about serena or had kanye in his ear and that fag pusha followed suit first with dreams and then sweet freestyle then whenever they get asked about it they swear they werent dissing drake then com disses drake on some wackness talking about canada dry then realises how wack he is bein percieved by ppl double backs and ducks like he never wanted nothing after talking shit on the stay scheming track and calling drake out then comes up with some bullshit reasons why he started the beef changes the story like 5 times every time he gets asked its different reason only because he cant admit he was being a bitch and getting salty cos his lady was taken making him the soft one in reality (ironic) not to mention if you look at his music if drake is soft then common was the forefather of soft, then he tells rolling stone he likes drake and his music (ducking like he never wanted nothing) then he says he wants to fight drake dude is having a mid life crisis atleast keep it consistent, its like jay said on in the words of kanye

    “Don’t ever fix your lips like collagen
    Say something you gon end up apologizing.”

    “soon as you see em they freeze up like in museums
    Them statues, you like, “Is that the dude, that said he was gonna (pop you)”
    Niggas get running before you finish ya sentence
    And then they back to riffing, when they off at the safe distance
    You like, you was just here, you disappear like magicians
    In thin air, I’m like damn, nigga at least keep it consistent”

  • MegaMan


    Drake (2009–2012)

    ‘So Far Gone’ – US: 485,000
    ‘Thank Me Later’ – US: 1,489,000
    ‘Take Care’ – US: 1,321,000


    Common (1992–2012)

    Common has sold 2.8 million albums in the U.S.


    Drake (3 years – 3.2 million albums) >>>>>>>>>>> Common (20 years – 2.8 million albums)

    Drake ethered Common. Sorry.

  • The Flyness.

    Sales = Ethered in rap battle? Nah.

    Drake sounded like he was gonna cry onstage when addressing his level of “I’m not a bitch!”ness. He’s a sensitive guy. Nothing wrong with that. Clearly ‘Sweet’ touched a nerve. Questioning his manhood and all that. To a point where maybe his insecurity got the best of him so he took the bait. Shit happens. Acting like he wants to take it to the street would be far from consistent with who he has been tho.

  • Summit

    Common’s legacy surpases many rappers.
    He’s made classic albums by being real hip hop. He worked with legends (Rest In Peace Dilla)
    He raps for the people, positivity, struggle, ghetto, dreams, faith. Drake raps about how heart broken he is over a girl. How he’s trying to adjust to fame. He only raps about himself. Most people who say they listen to hip hop have no clue what it is…

  • damm

    man off the head no blackberry nuff said

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Drake cant even face some tattoo artist in LA face to face. Common would lyrically murder this boy ! Drake is a singer not a fighter.

  • ill nigga

    please check out the video and support

  • Andrei

    Great freestyle. If anyone wants to check out the lyrics just follow the link bellow. Enjoyed listening to him.

  • freshsidenyc

    @ Megaman

    The irony in your point is that despite all those records sold Common is still one of the most respected rappers in Hip Hop hands down after so many years. Canada Dry will never get the respect Common has.

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