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  • uhuh

    hhahahaahahha OF sold the fuck out of their own show while big day out is struggling. fucking hilarious

  • jslonaker45

    Odd Future is wack. Biggie is rolling around in his grave knowing people consider this hip hop. Shit is garbage. Go skateboard off a cliff you bitch ass niggas.

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  • MegaMan


    Tyler, the Creator is better than Biggie Smalls.

    I support gays. Some of my friends are gays. I have no problem with it. They are humans.

    But do not ban Odd Future! They are the Wu-Tang Clan of our generation.



    1. Odd Future is ALRIGHT but their uniqueness is starting to run out of fuel and they are only OKAY lyricists.

    2. I really hope you’re kidding about Tyler better than Biggie….. lolololol… obviously far from a true statement.

    3. The only comparison WU & Odd Future have is its large number of members. That’s it. Wu-Tang are master lyricists and absolute LEGENDS. You should probably apologize for comparing the two.

  • phraynkhp

    of stay winning

  • the void

    aww megaman wants attention.

  • yup!!!

    Fuck no they aint even close to wu tang slap the shit outta urself 15 times for saying dat asinine shit “nuff respect do to the 16 ooh i mean oh yo check out the flow like the hudson on pcp when im dusting niggas off becuz im hot like sauce the smoke from lyrical blunt make me cuhh!!!”

  • Brendan74

    Haha megaman that must have been a wind-up?


    They some weird ass niggas in new Zealand do I ain’t surprised they support the faggotry known as OF

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  • Summit

    Notorious B.I.G is considered a king of hip hop with 2pac.
    How the hell can people say OFWGKTA is better than biggie LOL. I bet tyler the creator would also disagree and pay homage to B.I.G
    And they’re far from being the new wu-tang clan….the WU are all amazing lyricist. Odd future are barely lyrical..they just say crazy stuff like I’ll rape your 3 year old sister LOL. But I like them they’re not bad.

  • Dr. Dre’s Ass

    I Fucked a Bitched That Sucked Tyler’s Dick.

  • White male

    piles is better than biggie

  • Free Clinic

    @Dr. Dre’s Ass

    Congratulations on the AIDS.

  • Cmon Son

    OF fans are truly retarded. Better then Biggie, being compared to the Wu? Stupid fuckin 12 year olds who know nothing about REAL hip hop. This is why the OF fad will fade out soon, then we will call them No Future. The Only rapper tyler might be better then is like Bow Wow, Drake, Nicki Minaj and basically any shit artists on the YM roster. Once the gimmick runs out of juice people will be forced to re assess them as lyricist, then they will be like what the fuck have i been listening to.

    And to the Moron who says Plies is better then biggie, please do us all a favor and kill yourself. Plies carrer ended right after lose my mind . I never seen so many consecutive failed mixtapes by the same artist except maybe Gorilla Zoe.


    @Cmon Son ………………true!


    but them some crazy fools…LOL they some young niggaz getting money so I respect that……. that is all

  • knox

    you would get money too if you are willing to expose yourself to the EXTREME, I don’t respect niggaz getting money if they have to be an “odd future” to do it, damm… this rap shit is fucked up, ain’t nobody hating on a young artist trying to get his or hers but if we have to fuck up our own kids to do it I find that to be a big issue, FUCK THE INTERNET !!! that allows NOBODY’S to be somebody , and the only reason I’m commenting on this stupid internet shit is too let u fuck boys that make dumb ass statements like ” odd future is better than biggie ” that WE ALL SEE YOU… AND WE WILL ALWAYS TELL YOU ABOUT YOURSELF…. GAY RIGHTS… ok we get the idea, we understand what’s trying to happen, it’s okay to be gay, now.. being openly gay is another story when it effects others…. LAWS have to protect straight people as well….

  • uuuhhhh

    @Knox lmao…ur hilarious…go work-out or something dawg