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  • Collar Cali

    This is a kinda odd cover. The reason why is because his girlfriend IGGY Azalea used this as her mixtape cover.

  • Devil


  • shay

    its an homage to basquiat and warhol i think

  • Junia

    i don’t understAND this asap rocky kid.. smh

    Chivalry Ain’t Dead …He Just Don’t Like Yo Ass! – http://bit.ly/xwRxZ7 ..this shit is HILARIOUS!

  • 3rdRail

    @ Shay: EXACTLY!! Art Appreciation 101!!

  • Hip hip?

  • both them niggas look gay, fucking wack ass magazine cover fuck this bullshit

  • Mbrown

    I don’t understand either of their styles. They’re really making a statement with this cover

  • I liked hearing Lana Del Rey is a fan of A$AP Rocky — the girl’s got a great voice and good taste

  • the great zeee

    the cover is a bit premature. none of these guys are even on the level of the guys who are on the original.
    do that research for those who dont know

  • y dis in top 5? no comments and these niggas is mad gay

  • buxdagreat

    i fucks with jeremy scott but this rocky nigga is trash..n ugly…very ugly

    that peso track is a perfect example of why a hot beat and a catchy hook is all u need these days