Love & Hip Hop Season 2 Finale

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All good things must come to an end. Before closing the curtain for season two, Kimbella reveals her pregnancy to her parents, Olivia works on her music career while Chrissy, Capo and Mama Jones vacay in Montego Bay.


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  • Ima bawse

    This shit is so dumb.

  • RoeLuv

    Chrissy’s rack is Cray!!! (don’t beat me up Jim)

  • the great zeee

    @roeluv tru tru, she just got to get rid of that fly thats always on her face. ha

  • TheRealBigHomie

    Where is TI’s Family Hustle New episode?

  • moreffa

    this show is shit

  • Coco loco

    feel sorry for Olivia she will never blow. Too much complaining on cam not enough material. At least Tiera Marie was workn had multiple videos on world star. Chrissy need to shoot that mole off her face and loose some weight and stop trying to be a bully. Somaya is just wack. Kimbella need to just keep doing whatever she been doing she seem like a sweet girl. Erica is a hood rat wit a nice look. Fab ex need to tell the network to stop making her look pitiful lol got her lookn like a cry baby on a telemundo show. Nancy need to stop it 5. Yandy need to stop mixing business wit personal if i ain’t know any better I would think she wants jimmy. Fuck all that he my brother type shit cuase everybody know friends can fuck eat h other. But for real Yandy got yams lol. Ass is NICE. It’s over pineapple records lol.

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  • sunshine mars

    This season of Love and Hip Hop was a very drama filled season! I couldn

  • rita

    what is the song that is played at the end?

  • ruthie

    Does anyone know that name of the song and who sings it that was playing at the very end? The lyrics were “Ill carry on, Ill be strong..lets make this last forever”

    • Guest

      i was looking for it myself and found it…
      Sebastian Mikael – FOREVER

  • ruthie

    then there is also a rap song at the end…only on for a second…I wanna know the name of that too

  • Huda from calgay

    King Drizzy! die hater

  • Atx1927

    CoCo LoCo were you watching the same show i was watching Kimbella is all who you gave props to she basically a Juelz Santana baby making factory she does nothing she’s only on the show because of Juelz and Jim if you haven’t realized all these women have BF’s who have worked with Monami or have worked with Monami theirselves What has Kimbella done at least Emily does Fashion and is best friends with Chrissy the others either have worked with Jim, Juelz or Monami Even Somaya has her own hustle Kimbella’s hustle is lying on her back Everything else you said is true though

  • Layla

    Can someone please tell me what is up with that jealous skinny Latina witch. She is so envious of kimbella it is so sad.

  • sandy

    why is it so hard to find out what is the name of the song that is playing at the end..?

  • nicole

    who sings the song at the end of the episode!? i cant find it anywhere!!!!

  • Phantom

    I know the name of the song at the end. make it last forever. If you still want the name just post and i will reveal it. 🙂

  • jello

    what’s the name and who sing the song at the end because i can’t find it no where

  • Phantom

    So nobody could find it and I went ahead and found the name of the song.

    Its Hannibal Leq Feat. Sam Bruno & Pancho Of The New F-O’s – Gone

    Listen to the preview below its available on iTunes ^_^

    Enjoy people, its a personal favourite of mine