New Video: Papoose “I’m Like That”

The self-proclaimed king of New York makes his rounds in his new video. If it isn’t to your liking, stick around as old man Pap previews his “Alphabetical Slaughter Pt. 2.”

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  • bones

    Yo that american sweater pap and his man had was dope.

    The song…ehhh.

  • Protest

    How could you come out the studio… thinking that you did a good job with this song? This shit is garbage

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  • Sam I Am

    this nigga Pap showed you his present and future.

    Present: Struggling to make a song.
    Future: Struggling to hold on to his past.

    Damn homie.

  • gi joe

    New York back? lmao

  • LMAO I laughed so hard watching this shit,Papoose is sooo fucking weak

  • man both tracks were horrible, just like @protest said, how can you come out the studio thinking that shit was hot — alphabetical slaughter 2 was a disgrace, he’s just saying random words to go with the letter, it’s not even solid alliteration…. stick to hustling or something. rapping is no longer ur think man

  • This shit sound like a throw away 50cent track from the Power Of A Dollar era

  • See what I’m fucking Saying Nigga????

    Fuck papoofff!!!! oh shit he disapeared once more.

  • #ReebokDead

    lmaoooooooooooooooooo this nigga fell off

    this weak

  • supastar jay

    i still dont know what a papoose is. This dude was lukewarm like five years ago, and how he think he is hot now? GTFOH

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  • mac DIESEL

    WUT A FUCKIN’ JOKE!!!! HA!!!!


  • BlazinSkull

    Man i’ma huge Papoose fan, i respect him more than any of the big New York artist like 50Cent or Jay-Z or anyone else. But listening to this track kinda made me feel queezy to know that Papoose is trying to do some next mainstream crap, like i respect that Papoose came from “Rags to Riches”, but this was just garbage. Like Cheese Louise i know Pap is way better than that. I hope he reads this and understands we appericiate tha old Papzilla.

    Peace and One love.

  • nyg718

    1st track i cud fuck wit..all this super lyrical shit wit the abc …. psa any nigga that takes his time cud do that.. n most likely do it better than u smh

  • Dg

    wow…i read comments and was like…it cant be that bad…its papoose lol. i saw it and was dissapointing. it is that bad