Obie Trice Bottoms Up Tracklist

After numerous delays over the past few years, Obie Trice will finally release his third album on February 28. Pre-order the album here. Bottoms up!


UPDATE: Tracklist down bottom via Nav

1. Bottoms Up (Intro)
2. Going No Where
3. Dear Lord
4. I Pretend
5. Richard (Feat. Eminem)
6. BME Up
7. Battle Cry (Feat. Adrian Reeza)
8. Secrets
9. Spill My Drink
10. Spend The Day (Feat. Dre Skidne)
11. Petty
12. My Time
13. Ups And Downs
14. Hell Yeah
15. Crazy (Feat. MC Breed)
16. LeBron On (Bonus Track)

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  • ghost


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  • Dr. Dre’s Ass

    That’s a Ugly Ass Baby

  • King

    i’ma buy this no matter what!!

  • Who??

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  • Awesome

    What? Guest verse by Eminem and production by Dr Dre?

  • ItsTheTruth

    Only real Obie fans know how big this is for hip hop. Damn yall dont know how long I been waitin for this. Obie spit that real, and keep it lyrical. Wake up niggas.

    “Bad news my nigga, pass the brew
    Cause in a week we be pouring a glass for you
    So rapidly homies become casualties
    We was just playing Madden
    Now a nigga sad for his family, that’s how it happens
    Dudes get blasted, another casket
    Another child becomes a fatherless bastard
    Make a nigga wanna grab this ratchet
    It’s so tragic, and Obie can’t get past it
    And you wonder why a nigga’ll flash it
    Just to, show these demons that I ain’t having it
    Put ’em beneath the grass in a flash”

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  • So Icy B?i!

    yo dis cover is wack. da most important is dat dis nigga is a wack rappa. no wonder why Eminem kicked him out of D12. swag

  • So Icy B?i!

    yo dis cover is wack. da most important is dat dis nigga is a wack rappa. no wonder why Eminem kicked him out of da group. swag

  • Splash

    @So Icy Boi ,
    You’re a fucking retard. Eminem didn’t kick him out. He left the label. Why would Eminem be on his album if he kicked him out you dumb fuck? Go listen to BAYTL. #researchb4posting

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  • Lestry

    Damn, I’ma big Em’s fan and rappers realted with him so…
    I was waiting a lot of time and when I saw this news I almost shited myself.
    I can’t fucking waitttt….

  • Dr. Dre’s Ass

    Are U Stan??? ^^^^

  • Stan

    How original. A baby-picture. Never seen before. lol smh

  • Rickyrock


  • D


  • Truth

    bottoms up?? gay. obie is the truth on the mic. but that album title is gay gay gay.

  • matt goldman

    @truth…do you know why it’s called bottoms up? 1st album: cheers, 2nd album: 2nd rounds on me, 3rd album: bottom’s up. kinda that trilogy thing that rappers do…not really gay at all, supposed to be a celebration type deal

  • ”No Turning Back (feat. Eminem)” (Produced by Dr. Dre)

    ”Friends With Enemies (feat. Eminem)” (Produced by Statik Selektah)


  • Cmon Son

    Obie is a wrap. Please give it up son, no ones been checking for you

  • realtalk

    i think europeans like him a lot, he’s pretty crisp when he raps.

  • Musikal

    I don’t even know who this dude is anymore.

  • Dman

    them lips though…


    Am I the only one tired of baby pictures on these album covers?!

    “niggas bit off Nas!!!!” -Ghostface voice-

  • SickWidIt

    One of hip-hops most underated MCs glad to hear he some beats from Dre and a Em guest spot! jus pre ordered the album wait for the 28th sit with a blunt in the ashtray,bong by my foot and a 40oz on the arm of the chair and pressplay on my ipod dockin station n let the Hood listen to this! St Louis! stand up

  • casper21

    the cover is going in the wrong direction, the end of the bar theme, should be bar related imo, but beyond that. I don’t see why there are ppl hating in here, Obie was the best product Shady put out aside from Em himself, if your a lyrical fanatic you must be familiar with his first two records, problem is you never know where hater are coming from or who they listen to. I’ve been waiting on this for years, his second album was really solid, his first album was great, just too many Em features imo. Although I haven’t liked any songs he’s released in the last few years I assume this album will be sharp.

  • Sarcastic A$$hole

    Meanwhile Stat Qou is still working on his debut…

  • matt goldman

    @sarcastic a$$hole statlanta came out already, it sucked ass

  • Dope Boy Fresh

    Tha Carter….5?

  • Kunta Kente

    The album cover should be him getting kick out the bar the way eminem kick him out the label.

  • Rel

    Obies not in D12….never was…fuck u talkin bout?

  • slim shady84

    So u say em kicked him out but yet he’s working with him on this album? Yall stupid obie left the label

  • Tokyo Tony

    If truth be told, if it was on lyrics and not album sales the list would go like this:

    1.Lupe Fiasco (lyrical lasers is top notch listen between the lines, FOTP is untouchable)

    2. Common (the Dreamer, the Beleiver rap crack)

    3. Kane West (he ripped WTT)

    4. Jay-Z

    5. Black Thought (most underrated rapper)

    6. Raekwon (he’s bin killin the game since ’93)

    7. Ghostface Killah (living legend)

    8. Saigon (GSNT & WS3: OFITG)

    9. Elzhi (he re-wrote the bible with success)

    10. Big K.R.I.T & blu

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  • Sin

    SMH everybody said a” a dre beat and an EM hook PREORDER” lol lames. ima get it kuz he real he always spit quality shit. he from my city, Westside at that. and he got shot in the head and kame back and still doing it. YOU DESERVE EVERY DOLLAR OBIE

  • youngW1LDfree

    I wish D12 would come back…

  • @Tokyo Tony …
    Why would you list Lupe above all those? He sucks now. Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, Nas, Evidence, Schoolboy Q, Asher Roth, Immortal Technique, Tech N9ne, Phonte, XV, etc. are all better.. Some of them way better when Lupe was in his prime. Fucking Lupe Fiasco fans are just as bad as Kid Cudi fans.. Y’all need to accept Lupe is terrible with the mic. #ImDone

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  • Alphabet

    Only one Eminem feature and no Elzhi, Slaughterhouse? Producers? No Dr. Dre, No I.D., Black Milk?

  • antonis


  • miss 305

    It feels like 2007 all over again… Im an obie fan, but is anyone really checking for him ??

  • Ray Uk

    @lol omg
    Lupercal is one of the nicest on the mic to say he’s terrible with the mic just invalidates your comment completely. You may not like but you should respect

  • rodipipes

    If u hate on obie u seriously don’t listen to lyrics. Obie was my fav apart from EM those shady/aftermath days. Can’t wait for this

  • jt3000

    Really I think when proof died it would have been a no brainer for obie to replace him in D12. Proof loved obie like a brother and it would have made him proud and not to mention it would have gave the group more star power besides em. I think D12 would still be as popular as they were without going outside of the shady family looking for talent.

  • B. Walker

    Should’ve threw that “Anymore” track on there.

  • casper21

    I supported Obie’s first two albums, will likely support this, although Im downloading it first cuz I ain’t been feeling anything he’s leaked in the last year or two. But I’m disappointed with the features, it’s one thing to put fellow Detroit rappers on there from the underground, if that’s who these cats are, but aside from the Em feature he should’ve had a feature from 2-3 respected lyricists, you know, prove you can still hold it down with the best, not overshadowing people nobody knows, cuz we all remember obie had bars for days, time will tell if he still does…Bottom’s Up!!

  • Tohottie

    I’m tryin to hear that Eminem track quick!!! I hope he releases that next.