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  • Yo! I Love That This Only Has 2 Comments On It. Probably One Of The More Important Posts On This Site In Terms Of Information & Insight For Up & Coming Artists…

  • Angelo

    If the people at DefJam truly understood the rap game in 2012 then Nas new album would have Premier, Pete Rock, Buckwild, Just Blaze, LES, Havoc, etc working on it…. that’s just not the reality of where we are at as a culture anymore. You got guys chasing hits & none of the music is timeless or high quality.

  • no doubt

    Nas seems to be the only hip hop artist that fans want yo keep stuck in a fucking box . It amazes me that Nas’ peers are able to move on and work with different produces unrelated to their debute album but yet people want Nas to keep working with the same producers from the 90’s/Illmatic era. Thank goodness Nas has the talent to work with other creative producers. By the way Nas is still creating music with substance in this every changing hip hop culture.

  • Agreed.

  • dll32

    looks like FatJoe haha