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  • Black Shady

    Bow jumped on the SlowBucks wagon

    freestyle wasnt even that bad. I’ll give him that. but we get it u got money

  • harlemfinest

    boring and devy dev is a beast

  • im so sick of this motherfucka

    rap radar can we move on to another artist!!!! hows drake doing, we have no time for this delusional living in the past ass nigga. his album is not going to be out next!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Walt Deez

    I heard this fool on the radio and it was tight, but it wasn’t a freestyle that’s my only problem. If you gonna do a freestyle then go off the dome, don’t bring in something you practiced at home

  • Product of Chicago

    That freestyle was actually nice…wtf…it’s said, cause no matter how nice he raps he’s never gonna be taken seriosly. Once hip hop decides it’s gonna hate on you, there is rarely any turning back

  • Tommy Hotstep

    I don’t know who writin for that fool but he keep on let verses like that loose, lil nigga might just make it back into the spotlight

  • the finishline

    What else is Bow Wow suppose to spit about besides, money, fame & women? At least he’s tellin the truth unlike officer Ricky!


    i use to like little bow wow when he was a kid… he was so much better



  • Original Will

    he used one of them verses so many times its ridicolous that somethin soemthing Cass Money line he has used that verse for like 6 years now bow wow write some new shit damn my nigga and now looking at it he starting to sound boring all he talk about is how much he fucc and how much money he got he like a 06 wayne with worse verse I mean thats all wayne used to talk about bacc in his golden years but he was so clever and said them in so many different ways it was dope bow wow shit is average “I smoke to my lungs collapse” Come on bro you can come harder than that and thas not a freestyle cuz i thinc ive heard him use that on like 3 songs too

  • Sin

    shit he killed the flow tho
    i never thought id say it but ima grab that bow wow album.
    he has proved to me that he works hard. still a lame tho. hope he aint suicidal no more

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  • LDond

    Bow Wow’s flow is ill. Ya’ll acting like this nigga is Soulja Boy or Ace Hood. He actually be spitting. A few soft lines but the flow and the good lines saved the whole verse.