• Cray Fish

    I was a fan of son when he was in Derrick Comedy, and I’m a fan of him in Community, but I just can’t get into this Childish Gambino crap…I guess he needs other people around him to shine.


  • Jkels


  • the void

    community got canceled so hes trying to exploit hip hop? this nerd seems so manufactured to me. fuckin nerd

  • Whatever

    @the void Community didn’t get cancelled. It was put on hiatus so that 30 Rock could return. Its rumored to return in the spring; http://www.tvguide.com/News/NBC-Scoop-SVU-1041315.aspx

  • KoldCase

    he been rappin before that community….

    gambino better than yo top 5

  • Truth

    Seen him live, really energetic show. Recommend it to everyone, especially the haters on here.

  • Luv this guy….

  • Hip-Hop Fiend

    I don’t give a fuck what anybody says, Gambino is the Truth.

  • Faady

    Was there tonight and daaaaaam can he perform aint seen energy on stage like that in a while worth every penny

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  • xtrajordinary

    damn he got a band…that’s dope

  • leery

    ^^^^^ wow, EPIC

  • SWAG

    @the voidea He been rapping before community so theres so education 4 yo ass.

  • SWAG


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