New Music: Bow Wow Ft. Cory Gunz x Jae Millz “Do It To The Fullest”

Bow Wow’s Underrated has suffered a few pushbacks but today, XXL ushers in a new track from the project featuring some of his Young Money compadres. Not bad Shad.

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  • J

    Fuck whoever engineered this shit. Millz sounds waaay off.

  • YM

    Bow Wow impressed me on this one….

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  • nyg718

    @ j u can tell jae millz did that shit some where in harlem smh

  • Black Shady

    He just spit that verse on Sway In The Morning no???? im sure Ive heard that verse THIS MORNING on RAPRADAR

    Cory did his thing as usual

    Millz…please stop it. Go back to Smack DVDs or somethin

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  • Mike S.

    who greenlit this shit soundin like this? smh

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  • Das


  • these niggas gay


  • its official, he’s a fraud!!!!!

    i thought that verse suppose to be a freestyle!!!! wtf this nigga is fooling??? he said the same verse on morning sway. bow wow is a fraud!!!!

  • CashMoneyTM

    To everyone saying he used the same verse, yeah he did, and do you guys know the real meaning of a freestyle? A freestyle is a pre written verse spitted over a series of different beats “free of style”. All rappers past and present do this.

  • buzzzworthy

    not bad i’m actually feeling this. hopefully bow wow can make a comeback

  • its official, he’s a fraud!!!!!

    @cashmoneytm What the hell you talking about???!!!!!! A FReestyle is a person who spits with or without beats dammit!!!! A person who spits from head and its not written!!!! This nigga is a con artist!!!!!!! This comment is coming from old head i know real hip hop when i see. Stunna Wayne you guys better be so damn lucky that Nicki and Drake keep ymcmb alive cuz without them, no way in hell i will continue to support u guys!!!!!!!!!

  • man just drop dead nigga

    nobody is not going to take you seriously so do like u said a year ago on twitter just hang yourself so we can all have peace

  • its official, he’s a fraud!!!!!

    yeah i said it, your interview u did this morning was bullshit… thats a wonderful lie u told. smmfh

  • its official, he’s a fraud is a dumbass

    LOOK AT THIS MORON and damn Jae Millz wtf oh and for those who talkin about he freestyled this on Sway’s show? Kendrick Lamar did that a couple of times, most rappers do so stfu just cause he’s Bow Wow’s wack ass… Funkmaster flex Kanye/Pusha T freestyle.. where was Kanye’s freestyle from…?!?!!? exactly

  • Bow Wow i got something for ya!!!!!!!!

    This oldschool skit is delicated to this MF


    Yesterday u T.I today u Wayne it seems like u be changing everyday
    You claim love all kinds of women but why the hell lightskin boney hoes in your videos.
    Everytime i trying to support you i found out something new you a fake Shad Moss, you cant conseal it, and how i know cuz i can feel it u a fake shad moss stop all that pretending and all that lying cuz I CAN SEE IT!!!!!!!

    24 years old, thinking he’s a thug now only difference is he’s all up in the clubs now. Ciara left u and i dont blame her prob found out you gay ass fuck. Now we all know whats really behind that child, so u hide it by knock that hoe up!!!!!!

    You a fake Shad Moss You cant conceal it and how i know cuz i can feel it. You a fake Shad Moss stop all that pretending and all that lying cuz i can see it You cant even hide it cant changed my mind so i decided u a Shad Moss and im disgusted ur career is done!!!!!!!! nigga u BUSTED!!!!!!!!! u a fake!!!!

    end of part 1

  • Bow Wow i got something for ya!!!!!!!!

    goddamit part 2!!!!!!

    Everytime im trying to support u, i found out something new YOU A FAKE!!!!!!! By saving ur face you always gives some kind of excuse Nigga aint no use!!!!!

    You a fake Shad Moss, You cant Conceal it and how i know cuz i can feel it you a fake!!!!

    Low down dirty dog Fake!!!!!!!

    Wearing these Ohio fitted caps calling yourself reppin my second hometown but yet still dont show no love FAKE!!!!!!!!!!

    Fake, woah!!! thats the word FAKE!!!!

    On twitter it seems he wont shut the Fuck up, u know how he is anything to boost his stans all ten of them up FAKE!!!!!!!!

    his whole entire career is a FAKE!!!!!!! Never freestyle nor write his shit throughout his natural bone life even til this fucking day FAKE!!!!!

    All u stans, dickriders can kiss my ass cuz ur favorite rapper is a fake!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i dont give a fuck what his ppl in his camp got say so Drake im riding wit u for now on cuz that short shit is a FAKE!!!!!!!!!!

    Fuck Bow Wow…

  • Cory killed this…

  • Columbus Ohio cosign!!!!

    I feel ya, and everything u said about him is realtalk. esp how he diss our city. Talking about handouts his whole life is a handout never struggle nor fight, none of that shit. Keep ur head up and support other artists fuck that nigga and his dickriders. man lie, women lie, only God Knows the Truth

  • Heard bow spit the same shit on the 5 fingers of death on sway over different beats a supposen freestyle

  • This nigga up top just actually typed:

    “A freestyle is a pre written verse spitted over a series of different beats

  • its Official

    @Mindless throughts Thank you!!!!!! i see it too. that’s what i was trying to bring out last night but Bow Wow bitch ass saids its not Fake ass!!!!! This nigga use the same verse back in 2009 plus he stole some of wayne verse too esp the part im going to smoke til my lungs collapse he got that verse from sorry 4 the wait mixtape. fuck bow wow and his ppls along wit his retarded as fans who dont know shit about real hip hop. that why i expose his ass this morning cuz that was bow wow in the comment section. that nigga is so fucking nuts he even got his momma, ant, gay ass rico and birdman and slim speaking up for him everything so they can save his face. fuck that nigga

  • its Official

    Thank God for Nicki and Drake and thats why im moving on to them im done!!!!!

  • As I was reading the comments, just to clear things, a freestyle is not written; a freestyle is not premeditated, a freestyle is impromptu. If a rapper writes a rap, the song is not freestyle. A rap is either written or freestyled. There is nothing freestyle about a written rap.

  • Dadadamn

    Cory went in.

  • Real Talk

    s/o to that person who did Fake, i believe its s/n of official i think. First off fuck Bow Wow. Everything you said about him is true. He’s a fake. He aint nothing but a bisexual whore and that all he is. That nigga is gay. The part this person mention ” we all know whats behind that child, is thats why you knock up that hoe up” that child was planned and plotted . The crazy part is he went and knocked his so-called side chick then turn around trying to get back wit rev runs daughter he can make the image look good but whatever. Once that chick got preggo at that time this mf want to deny it and he treat his babymoms like shit him and his mom both she a fake as well. She be on that twitter pimping them fans claims they love them and all that bs deep inside they dont. They use now they called Bowwownation as meal tickets. Getting rich off of them. I agree with that comment about freestyle, its not suppose to be written. all i can say thanks for that passage, fuck Bow Wow, that nigga is a fake but what it is is what it is.

  • JMillionaire