• Man

    Fuck this guy. Post somethung better like pussy ass 50 cent backing off his bet. SK my ass.

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  • Rahrahrah

    “mans and ’em” retards

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  • John

    DTE & Eldorado Red go hard in the streets only a matter of time til they blow up on the internet

  • Acapella

    Nigga. U played yaself.

  • CabriniGreeny


  • fuck boy you trash looking like a clown fool

  • 2012 rapper most likely to get shot? dis boi lol

  • A1FBG

    This guy is the definition of fake and a hater. He did a song with Jeezy and his homie Trouble was just on T.I.’s mixtape. if you didn’t deem them as the real Atlanta then why fuck with them in he first place?

    If you see this guys interviews all he does is whine about what other niggas are doing its disgusting….just do u dude and stop worrying about other niggas so much, that shit is wack as fuck.

    The messed up part is he’s fucking it up for Trouble the one person out the crew that has the possibility to even possibly blow. These guys will come and go because they have a weak leader, he may not be weak in the streets but his mind is.

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