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  • Maize

    lol at Pedro from Napoleon Dynamite rapping 3 Stacks verse

  • Chan

    This girl is still around? I figured she was just a one hit wonder. huh. I guess everyone has different tastes in music. I personal like good quality music not terrible bullshit, but thats just me.

  • Hip-hop collaboration being represented by trannies. wtf happened…

  • Donn


    Its like when somebody does a boring traditional video, ppl want to complain but when someone does something unique and different, they still complain. This is fucking sickk. And Ke$ha is a dope songwriter, that’s why she’s still around

  • Peekay

    Jesus H, this is what it takes to get 3 stacks on a track? I’ll take it, I guess but I wish dude would release his own shit, I don’t wanna hear anyone else but Daddy Fat Saxx on a track with him.

  • Wiz should have told them hell fuck no
    “Loch – Drake Headlines [Freestyle]” on http://iGRIND.BIZ — HIP-HOP ON DEMAND:

  • Brendan74

    If they remixed Kesha the fuck out this would be a mad song..

  • buzzzworthy

    @Maize LOL! he does look like Pedro from napoleon dynamite.
    What a random video but I’m liking this song.

    Thanks Amaya I haven’t heard anything new from Ke$ha in awhile

  • B. Frank

    Pedro 3000!

  • !!!!!

    @ thats because it is him lol.

  • T-Mac

    You think she would do this kind of video if she could bring Andre, T.I., Wiz and Weezy at the same tim e on the set of video ? Yeah right …. No one showed, so she had to do this shit.

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  • Collar Cali

    Wow. Dope song tho…

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  • Voice of reason

    Man listen, I would duff dis bitch if she did a video nd had a tranny rappin my bars. Niggaz who consent to tht must be mo

  • phraynkhp

    why did wiz have to been the trainee lookin bitch n every one else was a dude haha

  • Dope Boy Fresh

    All these weirdos are liking this song SMFH

    lol @ pedro tho

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  • t

    get the fuck out of here with this hip pop

  • Jager

    Why dose there have to be a bunch of dope versus on a lame ass song.. what a waste..
    This without any kesha would be amazing