New Video: Red Cafe “Shakedown Houseparty”

Yeah, we like girls who like girls too. And for Red Cafe’s version of Meek and Chris’ hit, he invites us to his shindig at the crib. Do remember,

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  • QueenzDJ

    You gotta give it to dude, his been grinding trying to get on for sooooooooooooo long i remember him from back in 2002 on the mixtapes and he still has no album

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  • PAP

    smfh how can he rep Flatbush BK when he CANT even come back thru without gettin jacked or punked….get yo money tho

  • Time$SumAction

    Really does anyone care? dude gives us a debut album release date twice a year for 10 years and it hasn’t come out yet. Feb 14th 2012 he said on tv and a few interviews. Here we go again. 37 year old mixtape only rapper.

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  • fastflipper

    yeah i respect his grind

    but is getting ridiculous

    he did like 5-6 labels and said maybe 1000 releases dates

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  • Why do yall niggas care? Fuck a date, fuck an album. Its not like hes asking yall to pay his bills.

  • Rightback

    If you never plan to drop an album don’t give out release dates every year. People like to see progress and success from artist they follow. don’t fake like you doin real big when you are not. People hate fakeness and storytellers. If you never plan to drop an album and go the varsity just say it. Say you happpy at the jv level paying your bills with shows.

  • wickwickwack

    ^^ smh @ people thinking he

  • JT Money

    that co-op album sold less than 2k units. came in at about 1984 units. It was a dj envy album. his name was first and if u look it up it’s under dj envy. wasnt that in 2006. damn 6 years later and he doin the same sh*t. them other guys suck too. a lot of people work hard. that don’t mean we have to wait 14 years for the to graduate to the major leagues.

  • JT Money

    also why do he wear the same outfit in every single video and interview. does he have a glass eye or something.