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  • This wasn’t half bad n this was Wakas best verse that he veered laid down better than expected!!!

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  • Protest

    RIP, naw not me. Why would you release this shit and this nigga is dead? Stupid as fuck if u ask me

  • ^^^^^^
    No one asked you BITXCH nigguh

  • ReallyDoe

    This video solidifies slim dunkins position as the best there ever was AT BEING WACK hahaha

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  • get bucks

    I guess Atlanta got 2 sides. I’m startin’ to believe these dudes is wild down there. U got dead niggaz in videos rappin’ bout dead niggaz. dammitman

  • the void

    this song is funny.

  • Chan

    damn. Cool song and video

    B.I.P. Dunk


    smh….but he dead though???? how ironic… Trouble is fine~

  • Irony at it’s finest right here…lol

  • Real talk

    Ignorance is contagious…..

  • Real talk

    Waka n gucci didnt even drop any tribute videos 4fordunk either..smh I guess real niggas dont exist anymore in the rap game…

  • Cole World

    This clown sucks. Excuse me, sucked.