• Kid

    Lies. He was obviously, OBVIOUSLY talkin about T.i. obviously

  • ^^^^^

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  • He made a reference to T.I.’s “Fuck the city up” talk….so he wasnt taking shots? And something abt Thug Motivation…wasnt he talkn abt Jeezy?

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  • Berklee

    fix the audio, dick. need some fuckin subtitles to understand dude in one pass.

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  • the void

    he took shots at both TI and jeezy. dont be scared alley boy. you tough right?

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  • Frontrunner

    Thug Clarification.

  • Alley Boy

    oh shit.
    i forgot ti and jeezy aint yung la.


    its weird as fuck because this nigga homeboy trouble be kickin it with ti and jeezy was just in this nigga alley toy video…. blah blah….. rap niggas is fake

  • M.T

    This guy is irrelevant.

  • The Other P

    “We don’t believe you. You need more people.”

  • Kemosabi

    DEAD @ big homie

  • Nigguh regretting it now… jeezy ain’t built like the nigguh with the duck tattoo!!! Better go apologize alley BOY

  • Who’s more bi-polar Game or this emotional fukk

  • The !llest

    Dont throw stones and hide ya hand.

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  • Cmon Son

    he just made sure he wont have a career

  • So he says he wasn’t talkin to anybody in particular, which is a joke, then proceeds to act hard and make threats???

    There’s just too much failing to round in this lil number

  • At 1st I didn’t hear the shots in that song.They were slight, but there.He just doing what he gotta do.Alley is cool with me.I like his music.Dude stay wit an ice grill
    Loch drake headlines freestyle music video http://youtube.com/lochofmceo

  • So… You record a song with Jeezy, shoot a video for the song get buzz from it then you realize he’s “fake” and diss him? Thennn you get mad because you weren’t on “Fuck Da City Up” a Mixtape which was to promote positivity and bring attention to indepenent artist in Atlanta? This guys a joke… And this is coming from a nigga that lived in Atlanta for a year with my cousin J-Bo and D-Shot both who are in BMF… where was all this slick shit at BEFORE you dropped your Mixtape? Drake said it best “Nowadays when niggas reach it’s to sell a record”

  • CoolC

    Alley just did this track to get everyones attention…. But he fuck wit jeezy and tip cause they show him love and the Ductape love


    This nigga lame and scared. Lol

  • rahrahrah

    You guys don’t listen well. He says, “be careful who you come through my city with”. Basically you come through atlanta thinking you’re safe because you’re with tip or jeezy you might be caught slipping. Its not their town anymore. Tip is on probation. So if he ever was active he isn’t now. Not saying he’s a snitch. And jeezy distanced himself from BMF so there goes his word in the streets.
    Alley boy is saying his squad is active. Whether or not you like the song, think he should be bragging about violence, or whatever. He has a valid point about tip and jeezy.

  • Truth

    @loch121 nigga sit yo ass down, you been promotin that same weak ass freestyle for months now. c’mon son.

  • kazejm

    wonce you fuck with jeezy n tip you know its over no fucking excuses ova here u just dropped 90 procent off your lil fans…..

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  • Hip Hop Orangutang