• toad3527

    wow that was short

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  • M.T

    was this a snippet or what?

  • toad3527

    why would you guys even post this

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  • Maggots in STalley’s beard

    Frank Ocean’s music is for wannabe sophisticates and latent homosexuals.

  • The Riddler

    Frank ocean? What happend to the genius hit songs streak that was going on (sad face). Ofwgkta, where is the music? These niggas are famous for their Tumblr pics.

  • haq

    Voodoo??? Really?? Somebody give that nigga the memo: D’Angelo did that 12 years ago, u hoe. Step ur game up, bitch.

  • Bong

    You’re really mad about the length of the record like you put some money on it…foh

  • stics360

    niggas hating just to hate. short song, but its cool.

  • Larry

    mad props for this song. frank is bringing back R&B music.

  • slime

    Im a frank Ocean fan…Loved every bit of his first two mixxtapes but out of the things Ive heard lately from him solely, Im not as pleased with. “Back 2 You” was the only trrack Ive heard by him that I can say I really liked since Nostalgia. Seems like hes tryin to find that hit to stay in relevancy yet keep his sophisticated and ocean water lyrics …Come back to Mars Frank

  • uuuhhhh

    @Larry FRANK all ready stated that he does not make R&B music…translation “he does not make music for black people” he dont want to be on these sites nor does he care what any of you thinks.. they going for that big white audience! and he deserves it

  • Yall dont even know the meaning of the song look it up and then yall will realize how genius it is simple minded people smh.