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  • Dat Ninja D B

    Dats my ninja E Deezy ….Squad up!!!!!

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  • Cmon Son


    The return of good hip hop, been a long time since i heard something that nice, and i stay on the blogs and shit. Short Dog chillin, E chillin, Kayslay chillin, good look for hip hop right there. On the other hand, Who could he possibly be talking about, tight pants and Face tattoos = Lil Wayne, R.I.P.

  • Ben

    Fuck this old clown!!!!

  • cool tune

  • hold up i forgot why in the freeze frame he look like he crying.

  • Cmon Son

    for real i watched this a few times, Green eyed bandit does have look a little tore up, fast cut shots, the mic stand obstructing the view of his left eye. Only profile shots were from the right side, he been having health problems recently too. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^This muthfucka need to be grateful he bleesed you with some of the nicest diss lines on your favorite tight pant wearing rapper.

    @ Ben hes only old to you cause your a git.

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  • zezzoi’s arsehole

    i met eric sermon…good dude


    that was hard from the LEGEND E DUBB