Too $hort No Trespassing Tracklist

Must be a sign. Come February 28, $hort Dawg will release his 19th studio album, No Trespassing. Peep the first single, here. Violators beware.


UPDATE: Titles below.

1. What The Fuck
2. Got Her Like
3. Playa Fo Life
4. Trying To Come Up Ft. C.O.
5. Crush Cologne Ft. Rico Tha Kidd x DJ Upgrade
6. The Magazine Ft. Chase Hattan
7. I Got Caught Ft. Martin Luther
8. I’m A Stop Ft. 50 Cent
9. Hog Ridin’ Ft. Richie Rich
10. Porno Bitch
11. Shut Up Nancy Ft. Kokane
12. Boss Ft. Silk-E
13. Hey Ft. Silk-E
14. Money On The Floor Ft. E-40
15. Double Header Ft. Wallpaper
16. Respect The Pimpin’ Ft. Snoop Dogg
17. Ba Boom Cha

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  • IIG

    An all time great. The boy got classics!

  • did he make this album cover in Microsoft Paint?

  • The most OVERRATED “legend” in rap history, smh at people who allow this man to have a career!!

  • yep

    how the fuck a over rated legend? career in rap since 1983. Also still relevant…niggas got.the game fucked up. fuck hating

  • ran

    OVERRATED is right! this dude raps like he’s in his first 3 years & made a career out of it. Retire already.

  • yep

    how the fuck you A* over rated legend?



  • jlee1214

    hahaha. this cover really states his message. can’t wait for the album to be released

  • @yep i say that because people like u consider this garbage ass west coast nigga a LEGEND for some dumbass reason.

  • Chan

    I dig the cover. Looks like something you would see on a 90’s underground album. Yeah looks like Ghettos trying to kill me. I like it.

  • Another victim of the “No Budget for the album cover but my nephew gets down, Trust me!”

  • L Speaks

    He’s got one more left under his original contract. I’m sure he’s happy about that. I know i am! 🙂

  • Robot

    Should be a dope album, Too Short never disappoints us.

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  • Tucq

    Short ALWAYS has bangers.

    That’s why its album #19, and there will be an album #23…..

  • TROLLiver

    Too Short IS a legend. But this cover is on some “I used to be on No Limit, Cash Money before 2005” shit going on. Terrible.

  • NearDark

    I’ll cop it, but damn that cover is ugly.