Cory Gunz Discusses Arrest

Nearly 48 hours after Cory Gunz was bagged in the Bronx for packing a gun, he spoke with the NY Daily News on his arrest. If convicted, he faces three years in prison.

“This was a big mistake on my part. I didn’t have any intentions of harming anyone or committing a criminal activity. So many young people look up to me and I need to fight though this. It’s been really hard, really stressful. When the smoke finally clears people will understand what was going on.”

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  • Collar Cali

    Aw man that shiii CRAY! That’s what was going on!
    *That quote should have been spelled checked btw*

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  • Yeah Right

    So I’m supposed to believe he got hemmed, let out and instantly as it all happened his dad has a press release and Nick Cannon and Cory are both tweeting and doing interviews about it? Unless I see some mugshots or police reports and jail time, I don’t believe for a second that this really happened. This some ol ” lets generate a fake arrest so he gets some attention and street creed” publicity ploy. I see you. I just hope the music is hot when it comes out, nothing else.

  • mac DIESEL




  • RIP7

    Cory my dude it’s no way of talking your way out of this one. You probably had know intention;s to harm anyone but it’s still a gun and if someone was to try an beat or rob you. You havethat gun that will cause harm miuns if you did’nt. Either way not a good look in NY better start trying put out an album cause you going up it’s New York 3 year/s mantory.

  • Collar Cali

    @Yeah Right
    I wondered the same thing!

  • Pissed

    What does he need a gun for? Seriously? I call bs….These dudes really need to focus & get back to spittin instead of this crap…I miss the days when a trip to jail was not a part of being a credible rapper. Wack.

  • Dee

    He was in Soundview.
    Probably why he was carrying a gun.
    Either way, stupid move homie.

  • He and his Dad had an anti-gun program in the Bronx schools. Lol. That’s like finding out your sex ed teacher has the clap.

  • Sarcastic A$$hole

    @Yeah Right I agree, a TMZ mugshot would of pop up already!

  • Peter Gunz

    Yeeea! Nigga Thats Lil Mans, Bronx Is Where We Lay Niggas Heads (Pause). I Raised My Boy Right, NICK CANNON WHAT UP!

  • #NEW Get Down The Great!! #VICTORY


    It looks like this young man will be spending a minimum of 2 YEARS behind bars as this is New York State law.

  • DJ Semtex’s Prosthetic

    so cory why were you carrying a gun then…?

  • Santa

    Why was he searched in the first place?

  • franky knucles

    marketing stunt 100 % !! It was carrying a gun or kissing baby..

  • Berklee

    dude in the back in them county colors. lol @corygunz u lame fake thug

  • mike s

    I think people need to focus less on the effect and more on the cause. In this situation, NYPD is saying “we got an anonymous tip to watch out”…come on. Such bullshit. You didn’t get annnyyyy tip, trust. You just saw dude, wanted to see what’s good, so you detained him on some bullshit and conducted a search with some made up probable cause. This happens weekly, mainly because rappers make themselves a target by being naive.

    Same thing happened to Tip. They pulled him over because they “smelled weed” (he didn’t have any in his whip…), then they said it was because he made an illegal turn (which was a lie as well). At least in that situation the charges were dropped, but he still violated parole after the drug test from the arrest.

    Hopefully Cory gets a fair shake legally and they realize there wasn’t reasonable cause to search him; best case charges are dismissed, worst case he uses the illegal search and “extreme duress” as viable excuses and cops a plea. I can’t see him doin more than a year, but I don’t know how flexible NY is on that stuff. Either way, dudes gonna have a rough year. I don’t wish that on anyone.

  • cordelia

    He is to cute for all of this. Did not see this happening to him. He is just so innocent looking.