New Video: Fat Joe “Fuck Them Other Niggas”

Sak Pase. Under the direction of Eif Rivera, Fat Joe jets across the ocean blue and walks the slums of Haiti for his new video. He does it for the people. The Darkside 2 available here.


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  • B.itch K.iller James

    The man really needs to change his name to just “Joe” like 50 said. He giving us fat people a bad name.

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  • pap

    Shoutout to fat joe for showing haiti some love! I’m a huge gunit fan but fuck yayo, who kid n sha money xl because they the only haitians in the clique that don’t represent or at least show some love to their roots!

  • Mj


    Agreed, Rick Ross da new fat nigga

  • jlee1214

    hahah @James. Nice to see that fat joe was in haiti. that earthquake was horrible as is any natural disaster so its nice to see the support that he’s giving them

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  • Dope

    Nice of him to try and show love for Haiti, but I expected the song to actually be about Haiti. This looks more like using Haiti disaster only to get attention for his song.

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  • BlackAnastasia

    Being from New Orleans myself I have to ask what the fuck is TarNished doing using CMurder’s hook in this song?Did he get permission?

  • dang son

    These niggas are darker then the niggas in the US whats up with that

  • RB

    S/O to Joey for showing Haiti some love!


  • @poisonedKoola

    So Fat Joe went to one of the poorest sections of the poorest in Jordans & you fools are giving him props? smh

  • MR.M.

    yall say he shows love for haiti??? where what part? the part where he flashes his jays? smfh