• NoChildNotToday

    Damn another dick to ride… I see.

  • oiboy

    I just cant take this guy serious, I see gimmick south rapper written all over him.

  • JL

    2 Chainz looks so old, and I downloaded his mixtape just to see what the hype was about and he is awful..

  • 2 TITS!!!!


  • NoChildNotToday

    2 Chainz… Titi Boi.. Sounds like a gay porn star name.

  • Dan

    i fuck with 2chainz… salute

  • Donn

    Respect the hustle and the grind but being hot doesn’t guarantee you a career. End of story

  • Syncere

    2 Chaiiiinzzzzz…….Gimmick? Titi been getting it in if you don’t believe check that first Playas Circle CD. With the proper promotion that shit could of went gold at least.

  • The Other P

    2chainz made people take notice & made himself hot. Dude grinded & grinded, doing multiple mixtapes & performing anywhere that would have him. Limited lyrical ability but funny azz lyrics & ablibs & A1 production. damn near everyone has access to the beats he was getting on those mixtapes. Niggas like pill wanna bitch about what the label wasn’t doing for them when they coulda been doing the same thing 2chainz did/is doing.

  • Truth

    Yeah, can we keep the words intellectual and 2Chain out of the same sentence? Thanks.

  • Willie_mcfly22


  • Trilla

    you niggaz is haters b, trillshit you cant judge niggaz I.Q. by the music they make. Juss be happy a nigga succeedin, any nigga for that matter damn

  • spoon

    what is that red phone and cord he keeps in his pocket? thought it was headphones till he pulled it out.

  • BarackObamaJr

    why does shorty sound like she’s interviewing for a casting audition for a porn?

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  • Anon DCPL

    that phone shit is some new product that niggas can actually talk on w out having to actually put the cell to your ear..another retarded ass fad just like this wack nigga who couldn’t get shit poppin while he was on DTP.

  • @KingofTeez (twitter)

    I digg 2 chainz but he for real needs to give up the syrup.. you can tell it is eating away at him. He said he can’t eat because he has ulcers. Thats not good bro. We want to see you have a long career. Someone said gimmick rapper.. lol kinda true. but the boy got flow…

  • Homie

    Tity Two necklace is my boy but he lost me at this:

    “Who’s your role model?”

    Dr. MLK is my role model…..

    “what’s by your bed?”

    “A handgun.”