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  • TheProphet

    Of course his set was shorter than expected. He usually performs 5-7 songs and calls it a night. Fool for paying to see him.

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  • rapradarsux

    He’s been signed to Def Jam. Peep the Yo Gotti album booklet. “2 Chainz appears courtesy of Island Def Jam Music Group”.

  • mothAfuckinPrince

    sold out ? yeah right … you fools give away those tickets 4 free .

  • John

    that was terrible dont get the hype around him

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  • mac DIESEL




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  • TH

    Really NYC, Really?

  • TH

    Until these blogs start having some INTEGRITY and either not posting this sh*t or they try and ignore it…..HIP HOP IS DEAD!

  • Devante

    I goes to show you how labels give up on artist. This dude was on DTPDef Jam for 8 years and Def Jam recently decided to invest in him.

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  • Your mother’s “friend”

    Am i the only one seeing what’s happening here ?? these so called “independent artists” aren’t independent at all ,Lana del rey , Wiz kahlifa, Drake et al all ended up signing to the same labels that had “dropped” them, i don’t believe these niggas at all

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  • Well I went to the show and had a great time #shoutout to @2chainz #grinding pays off congrats on signing with def jam.. #love

  • The Prophet

    Its a known fact that Lana Del Ray has a team and a lot of money behind her hence the SNL performance, magazine covers, etc. They are cashing in as fast as they can before she’s no longer in which won’t be long.

    As far as Wiz goes, when WB dropped him he had to legitimately grind and go hard to get a second chance. He was signed to Atlantic during the Deal Or No Deal Tour despite what his camp would like you to believe.

  • Your mother’s “friend”

    Lana del rey was signed to interscope under a different name, she even dropped an album but it flopped hard so they switched it up tried to make her seem indie to get her on pitchfork & other indie blogs, then she blew up , same with that chick from Paramore 2 of her bandmates left & aired the whole thing out . I find it hard to believe any nigga that got shitted on by a Label would go straight back to that label after having to grind on his own, he was never dropped . Same shit with Drake he was always signed to universal they just put him on YM to blow him up kinda like what Dre did with Game & 50

  • How the Eff you get signed and you still perform over your lyrics at shows…. Dej Jam Major fail—
    If you cant do a show wit out having to spit over the lyrics on record is wack wack wack.. i dont care wtf yall say … this is a tru sign of amatuer shit goin on.. and yall cosigning it… How can u take hiphop serious when all these dudes are doin is Kareoke… or what eva… HIPHOPs finished ..atleast with these dudes… And everybody get the fuck off the stage shiitttt looks amatuer as hell…. subpar generation….

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    I dunno why “the waking truth” is surprised 90% OF THE SHOWS nowadays are more karaoke than anything, i think only the THRONE out of all the “major” artists still do it like back in the days, MMG, YMCMB etc all spit over their songs lol at least they sure they have the beat LMAO That show looked like some amateur shit, can’t knowk 2 Chainz really if people wanna ride that wave hey he makin his money

  • The comments today are Hilarious

  • It’s me tho

    Tity boi? Mr.Duffle Bag Boy? lmao mr. rap radar gives out 200 tickets for free? Terrible..what a joke

  • It’s me tho

    this dude doesn’t even have his own wikipedia page..rofl.

  • ColoradoKnight

    I just can’t take rappers seriously these days, smh.

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  • Your Life Is a Lie

    Yep I agree, why would any artist sign back with a label that supposedly drop them after having to build up their grind themselves unless they were never dropped and was still giving a budget to do it in a way that makes it look more organic and make the people ‘buy into the build up’.

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  • tity 2 necklace

    call ya girl t-shirt cause she give the whole crew neck…. — 2Chainz

  • tity 2 necklace

    getting head while I’m readin call it Facebook –2chainz ….

  • chris

    selling out a club…WOW thats big …..

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  • Joe C

    2 Chainz is killin it! check out his verse on Gotti’s new album “Live From The Kitchen” out now http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/live-from-the-kitchen/id489615764

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