New Music: N.O.R.E. Ft. Busta Rhymes, Game & Waka Flocka “Lehhhgooo”

To help usher in his S.U.P.E.R.T.H.U.G. album, N.O. will release his Crack On Steroids mixtape first. Here’s the project’s latest cut inspired by Breezy’s catch phrase.


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  • B.itch K.iller James

    Busta on that downward spiral, this shit whack. Beat sounds like it’s from ’07, and once you resort to sampling Chris Brown you know inspiration is dead.

  • Diablo

    holy shit, game actually rips this shittt!

  • This beat hard.Nore on his shit.Hook is tight.Game spitting as usual.IDK where Waka fits in on this beat?This could be a hit record or a strong street anthem.Is that waka after Game?WTF?Waka was really spitting on there and sounded totally different.Either that’s how he really sounds and he been fronting or he just changed his whole style.Dope
    Loch Drake Headlines freestyle music video Featured on @ViewHipHopBlog

  • Mj

    I’m pretty sure jae millz has been saying leggo way before chris even started rapping. Not that it matters though

  • DOpe

    Game was the best on this

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  • @Mj yu actually listen to jae millz BAWAHAHA yu have kno room to speak anymore BAWAHAHA jae millz ….songs alright except for bustas ol monkee azz

  • money

    i like it and damn Game murdered the shit out of this song Dope

  • Mj


    And yes I do listen to jay mills. The funny thing is that he is a much better rapper than most of the main stream crap u kids listen to today. It’s a shame that hiphop has come to this. 2chain signed to defjam now everybody jumpin on the wagon. But where there’s real talent like jaemillz, he gets ignored just because he’s with Wayne. Damn I bet y’all wouldn’t fuck with meekmillz if he was signed to cash money. I actually have alot of room to speak, but I’m suspecting that ur only 12 and respond with stupidity like “buahahaha young money is gay” so I’d rather not

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  • Are you targeting the Japanese market?

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  • krispy


  • king

    i bet that faggot YN must b cryin cuz Game rips this shit…

  • B.Stark

    This song is bangin
    The chorus makes me think of either waffles orr the little building toys haha

  • LKBZ

    Holy shit! Game BODIED this one!
    Dope track..

  • Hurricane

    Game fucking rips this!
    RapRadar, U mad?

    Game is a legend u fucking faggots! Fuck YN and the whole RR staff.

  • DaTruthInnaBooth Aka. HopelessHiphop

    Game bodied the track. RR get to hatin

  • Jaymalls

    Jae Millz came up with the whole legho movement… should have atleast got a feature… lol!

  • leggo is jae millz, what the fuck is a breezy

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