• Birdman doens’t look like the biggest idiot in the room. This is new.

  • Rick Ross

    This is really happening? I told Weezy to invest in Rap Radar instead.

  • B.itch K.iller James

    “Hopefully, the video isn

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  • IM730

    nigga look like dave chappelle in the first picture..

  • toni

    look at wayne wtf is he wearin. embarressing

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  • Splash

    Lil Wayne never cease to amaze me. Everything the dude experiments with–he some how makes it look incredibly gay. Real skaters pose with their boards as guns…Real rockers don’t play a single note at an award show and trash their guitar like Kurt Cobain would(mtv awards)… And They do it all wearing Leggings and Pink Pants.. Shit.. Must’ve missed something there. Yes I’m white and I do love rap music and black culture but Gotdamn, You’ll never see me with a confederate du-rag on nor using a basketball to play tennis. stop it wayne.

  • sbrom

    remember when lil wayne did the song with mike posner? i forget if he was in the video…mike posner just released a new vid for his song “looks like sex”, you guys should check that one out it’s pretty hot http://www.vevo.com/watch/mike-posner/looks-like-sex/USRV81100317

  • drought 3

    we need mixtape weezy back.. i pray to lord he comes back one day and goes goon again, BEEN a fan but i really dont know how to stay committed.

    i am not a human being 2
    like father like son 2

    looking forward to it!!

  • Anon DCPL

    lmao @ the last pic.

    little wayne looks like a straight up girl. Him and that Tianna girl should go remake that series sister sister.

    Where the Little Wayne stans at? C’mon expose yourselves, little groupies.

  • swisha

    Birdman wasn’t needed on this song at all & every rapper has their “stans” so what the fuck are yall talking about?

  • Alaska desert

    @Splash talkin that real shit
    Wayne going to look back one day… thats all i gotta say

  • Black Shady

    Pink Pants? really bruh?

  • Dr. Dre’s Ass

    Wayne Does Shit Like That To Keep People Talking.

    Seems To Work

  • JohnB

    What money makes you do….

  • Splash

    @Dr. Dre’s Ass. Even if Wayne does that shit to keep people talking, You gotta think anyone can make an ass out of themselves and people will talk about it.. You probably don’t comprehend that judging by the name you chose to voice your opinion.

  • sk8

    wayne not a real skater he just holds boards to get sk8 fans do a kick flip nigga let me see 1 ollie

  • YungTunechi

    Everyone is dissing Lil Wayne, but he always does his thang.

  • Nahh

    Post jail weezy has been terrible besides hustle hard remix and 6’7

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Rap is the new Comic View. I cant even make this stuff up im witnessing. Birdman get yo chick(wayne) mind right.

  • Mr. November

    I realized that he is just now going through his childhood phases. He grew up around money and Birdman (bad influence lol) so he finally has the time to live his childhood.
    Don’t know how skating became the thing to do but he most likely did everything he wanted from when he was a kid, so skating it is. Kid never grew up, like a Disney movie.

  • Berklee

    rap is wrestling brohan not the new comic view. ur in luv with characters. wayne grow up and make some music we can dig. and stop wearing pink spandex n skating around like some lil white bitch. what happened to u in jail homie. u went “punk” apparently…

  • inthestudyo

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  • Money33

    Wow too much bitching on this site. It’s only holy hop don’t take it too serious ha. Weezy realized he finally had something to piss the haters with.. And he playing along to destroy the haters’ keyboards. It’s that simple eminem used to do that too with his slim shady ego.. Nothing new haters will eventually give up

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  • Money33

    I luv Weezy mwah~

  • LMFAO @Spalsh

    @Nahh You speak the TRUTH!

    Man I wish Mystikal kept his stuff with Mannie Fresh… NOW THAT shii was actually kinda tight… (aside from one track which was terrible).

  • drought 3

    when he went to jail shtit went sour, stopped with the weed and sizurp…hes sober so his songs arent as heat…but to wayne fans any new music is anticipated, c4 wasnt even THATT bad…

    if u havent seen the carter documentry MUST WATCH…shows his post jail swag

    mixtape weezy come back soon once his probation is over…my 2 cents EZ

  • room2roam

    u n1ggas are wayyyyyyyyyyyyy too worried about weezy’s attire. that dude is a grown man making grown man moves while we on here making comments…u do the math.. im looking forward to mystikal bringing more heat

  • Splash

    @Mr.November.. Like a Disney Movie? More like Michael Jackson