• Derrt

    Hella Dope

  • ok

    angie could get it asap…..no rocky

  • belize

    this was dope

  • chocalatd king

    flashsy lifestyle playboy. get money spend money repeat the cycle. we getn paid dtay fresh stay dumb more stupid than ya son. repeat cycle. ignorance is bliss. no babies in my mouth dawggggg

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  • HK




  • slick

    his momma named that lil nigga after a true hip hop legend. most cats in his age group couldn’t tell you shit about rakim so it’s dope to see this

  • Black Shady

    lol what a story…

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    Angie Martinez really put it down with this one! Definitely a real feel good story about how hip-hop has played a major part in people’s lives.

  • MoveOn

    i just hope he picks Rakim’s brain and learn some lyrical tricks… Rakim is a true legend for real…good post

  • In Your Fucking Face

    Got To Love This Shit Rocky’s Cool His Moms Is Cool And The God Is The God.. Fuck Rap This is Life ! ! !

  • B


  • nice story…. gonna get me an 8ball to celebrate.

  • Quality!!!

  • RoeLuv

    If you don’t have Eric B & Rakim anywhere on your iPod you’re just “pretending” to like Hip Hop

  • 2 Cute!

    I smiled the whole time

  • Derek

    ugh. goddamn. how real is this?

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  • no wierdo shit but i was smiling this whole interview, a true HIP-HOP moment 4real. like duke said uptop “Definitely a real feel good story about how hip-hop has played a major part in people’s lives.”

    I luv it

  • also like the fact how he is genuinely overwhelmed and not too proud to show hes a fan

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  • Boston Airport

    LOL at the Death of the NY Accent . . . peep the difference between Rakim accent and ASAP Hipster’s bisexual dialect.

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  • Chan

    Damn that was really tight. Really cool video. I am a A$AP Rocky fanatic. I think he is the realiest in the game right now. The coolest new mc, best mixtape of the year, etc etc. Can’t say enough about this guy. I really enjoyed this video. Heart warming shit.

  • kayandgee

    amazing, i shed a little tear cant front, mostly because i listened to rakim back in the day and i check A$ap’s music now..good stuff

  • Your Life Is a Lie

    This is a REAL Hip Hop moment. As a person that grew up in the 80’s listening to Eric B and Rakim its a beautiful thing to see the multi-generation love

  • young hov


  • ironic

    RapRadar, ya’ll did good by posting this…keep up this kind of good work!!!

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  • MMFlee

    I loved every minute of this. RR be fucking up a lot but they did good right here!

  • LoverofHipHop

    This was dope. Everyone else said it best. Good shit. Nuff said.

  • j/y h/h

    I like this a lot. This is hip hop!

  • great vid

    FINALLY……………………………….for once…………………………………no one is hating…………………….. :)))

  • kriz

    don’t tell me your with the god ha rocky mom is cool as shit

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