Don Cornelius Commits Suicide

Wow. According to TMZ, Soul Train creator Don Cornelius, was found dead in his home from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. He was 75.

Launched in 1971, Soul Train‘s impact on music is ineffable. During its run, the program featured nearly every hip-hop performer of the 80s and 90s. Rest in love, peace, and soul, Don C.

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  • young hov

    Damn.. RIP.. Suicide is so wack. Wish he woulda talked it out..

  • young hov

    … 1st day of Black History Month too.. The Soooooouuuuuullllll Trainnnnnnnnn

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    DAMN ! I remember seeing him at the BET AWARDS a few years ago. RIP Don Cornelius.

  • ???

    Say whaaa? The conductor of the Soul Train commits suicide on the first day of Black History month… the irony… Love peace and soul my dude

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  • inthestudyo

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  • Tucq

    Hard 2 respect suicide. U would think a 75 year old man has seen and done it all, and could ride the bullshit out.

    Unless he was in physical pain from illness or something….

  • Acapella

    Are u fuckin’ kiddin’ me?!?!?!?!?!? What a way to start off Black History Month. 🙁

  • RapMusic25

    Thats a good way out when you are 75 years old.

  • missedgyc


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  • FTW


    Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.

    At 75? Just hope it wasn’t financial.

    Is it possible to rest in peace after suicide?

  • Respect

    I don’t respect suicide but who am I to judge? RIP

  • Converse

    Fucking pussy

  • Suicide is never a good look especially for a man of his age….rip though

  • Alaska desert

    Puss ass nigga

  • Damn. Rip sir

  • Keith

    R.I.P. Don Cornelius. Thank you for everything you did for hip hop and urban music.

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  • Hip-Hop Fiend

    Thats fucked up. R.I.P

  • mothAfuckinPrince

    R.I.P .

  • Pete from Harlem

    I really don’t believe that it was suicide.
    At this point,a few hours after,details are sketchy at best.
    Still saddened by the news of his untimely passing.

  • BIGBOY2011


  • It’s sad to see a man whose had such an impact on Black Culture go out like that. It’s a sad day in Black History

  • Tucq

    Man you’re DON CORNILIUS!



    damn…. that dude aint kill himself doe

  • Anon DCPL

    Damn I remember back in the day when I didnt have cable, soul train was my “MTV” where I could see rappers perform.

    RIP Mr. Cornelius

  • Alaska desert

    Every day this month a somewhat infulential black guy will be murdered

  • Alaska desert

    ^ i mean i hope not im just saying itll happen so i get exposure for my predictions and get my own tv show
    That bein i will win the lottery and dunk this month for the first time

  • Who kills themselves at 75years old,I smell a CONSPIRACY!!

  • NotoriousRambo.

    Word @ anon dcpl

    RIP Funky dude “… and you can bet your last money, it’s all gonna be a stone gas, honey! I’m Don Cornelius, and as always in parting, we wish you love, peace and soul!”

  • If u ain’t old enough to really remember soul train jus shut the Fuck up man. Seriously, wit the corny jokes too. R.I.P.

  • Mark

    He had some serious health issues, he may have had dementia also. So he wasn’t in his right mind, I pray for his family.

  • petey wheatstraw (@

    if i remember correctly when they used to do stories on tv about soul train behinf the scenes they used to describe him as kind of a troubled dude.

    dont remember the circumstances but RIP and thank you for all the work he put in just for black music to be in the position its in today.

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  • Real music is Dead

    Rip brother don he helped put artist in the spot light and gave rappers a shot to shine when rap and music was actually good and real… his other problems and then seeing what the music scene turned into made him want to end it.. when he rocked shit it was the golden years music now sucks dick…



  • Berklee

    His life would make a great movie

  • ZEE

    Anybody stop to think maybe he was sick and couldn’t take the pain anymore?

  • Real talk777

    BUll shit, He had to go see his boss ( what happens when Satan comes for his promised souls. Some make it to thier later years some he takes earier in life.