New Video: Brianna “Marilyn Monroe”

Down in the DMV area, this has become turned into an unofficial anthem. Apparently, “Marilyn” sounds a lot like “Maryland”. Either way, here’s her new video directed by Coodie & Chike.

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  • lmaooo “unofficial anthem”………no B.Dot. unless you’re a “Barbie” or just mental, there is no one else treating this as an anthem down here.

  • there’s a rapper name 3DNATEE that need to get some shine on rap radar, this marilyn shit gotta go man

  • Collar Cali

    She kinda cute, but she ain’t saying shiiii. Her voice is kind of annoying 2. The whole Marilyn Monroe shiii been done by Lola Monroe. I’m gonna have to NEXT this for now.

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  • R


  • SmokeYou

    Grace Kelly >> Marilyn Monroe >>> every other woman

  • Frontrunner

    LIL KIm and Foxy didn’t open up the floodgates like <Minaj….

  • Dr. Dre’s Ass

    Black People Are Easliy Influenced….

  • Hold up

    This aint no anthem in maryland not in the DC area at least, maybe its an anthem over in baltimore cause this is the first iv’e heard of her or this song.

  • not bad got to give her props she home team not bad she doing her.

  • ahhhhhhhhh

  • ozman

    Somebody smack this fool who posted this.

  • GEE

    Tough!! i fucks with it 2 times for you lil mama.. Miami nigga on this shit <—-

  • smh

    lacefront shawty

  • Sexiichicktoya

    She is dope all you hating ass people make me sick! But y’all excited about Nicki doing songs about Stupid Hoe grow the fuck up this young girl cute and the song hot

  • i know

    this is not no dmv shyt

  • Hold up

    whole time shes from miami