New Video: Drake “Practice”

[vodpod id=Video.16040733&w=540&h=350&fv=]

Kyra Chaos backs that ass all the way up in this fan-made submission for Drake’s “Practice”. Practice makes perfect indeed. Submit yours here.

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  • Your mother’s “friend”

    Best song on the album

  • Your mother’s “friend”

    Damn!!(c) Kay Slay, as far as video hoes this chick is killing it right now

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  • Shade

    Asssss Shooooooot

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  • OG Big daddy Snuffle lufficans

    I imediately pressed mute & just watched. She was hear me? but why his light skin pale azz had to come in & mess up the dream? I mean I know its your song & all..but leave.

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  • haha cool video

  • Show some support to us. We trying to do some big things with this music. This is underground/independent music at its essence >>>

  • nice ass.I could do w/ out this song

  • JHP

    Thank You Drizzy

  • Yooo

    *presses mute locks door…*fap fap fap fap*

  • Well awwright

  • Chill

    video’s cool. but why would drake ask his fans to remake videos of this knowing most of his fans are closet homos & 14 year old girls?

  • Lucky P

    niggas are beyond gay nowadays. @shade ass shots? man youre a faggot. one thats all real. secondly even if she did have ass shots thats still all fucking woman so who cares? its 2012 a lot of enhancements just come with the fucking game!

  • Los

    Lmao, deadass @Lucky P

  • petey wheatstraw (@

    Q why the hat ?

    A she got a busted weave,

  • Dman

    id donkey punch this slut

  • Who cares if the ass is a facade…its still a fucking ass…and i appreciate

  • Tucq

    video of the year, my niggas.

  • dro_marijuana_dro

    Yow… her body is real nice, but she needs to learn how to work (twerk) it… She needs to learn a few tricks from the Jamaican Dancehall girls about how to wine…

  • Terror

    Wtf you niggas on about? This bitch can’t even move right. It’s awkward as shit watching her trying to move sexy. Thank God for that ass or I woulda closed that video 30 seconds after it started.

  • Spadde$

    Damn she need dha bone drake betta have hit dhat if he didn’t the little cool points he had is all gone lol

  • Best Drake Video Ever…..has to be on mute though

  • She got it

    That’s a good look. She ‘s a former SMOOTH girl. For more of the baddest ladies check out Follow @SMOOTHMAGAZINE on twitter.

  • novakaine

    she need to learn how to clean her room lol

  • Word

    Drizzy taught her well

  • Tucq

    a hate-proof video.

  • just amazing and simple…she built beautifully

  • Willy T

    @Tucq Exactly.

  • Pauper

    I’m sure her parents are proud.

  • M.T

    hahaha im feeling the video. One of my favs from the album too.

  • Acapella

    Yo. She won for this video…and Drake won for pickin’ her. Leave the hate at the front door.

  • dumb dumb

    That chick is in 50 cent video “off and on” she’s naked painted as a tiger.

  • greattophalfofthebody

    Shes so pretty and all the from the top of her head to her belly button is so hot.

    What did she do to her legs..

    She looks like 130 from the waist up and about 300 from the waist down..

    Weird looking. Its like people who are fat heavy on the top but their legs are in what could be considered nice shape..

    Never understand this.

  • datniggaf

    Damn this video would make Allen Iverson show up for practice.

  • Snow

    I’ll hit

  • oscar

    this nigga showed up with no shoes tho??

  • ???

    Why did she run away from him when he was tryna press up lol like ayyyy man whacha doin *Drake misses target with kiss stumbles with her*

  • baltimoreNconcords

    yea he did he took off his shoes? ^^ do you walk with your shoes in your house????

  • Gambino

    rofl at the ending

  • DJ Semtex’s Prosthetic

    lol @ drake at the end

  • Gambino

    If you don’t like this video, you are gay

  • greattophalfofthebody

    How is this nice? The jeans are the only thing that keep the fat rolls from falling over each other. Gross. Fat bitches from the waist down.. Thats gross.. How is her top half so gorgeous.. and the bottom is complete cottage cheesE????


  • Richard

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  • yodaddybrother

    clean up your room bitch

  • Mr.Swayze

    drake faggot ass fucked up the fantasy for me…*pulls pants up , wipes lotion off, and put $20s back in pocket *…………………….swayze

  • I’m_Sleeping_Mofos

    uhh yea idk if you people are watching the same video as me but this video sucks…i mean Drake could dooo SOOOOOOOO much better.