Rick Ross On Pill’s MMG Departure

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Who says The Boss isn’t an equal opportunity employer? Continuing his conversation with Sway, Ross speaks on Pill’s disbandment from Maybach Music.

“Hopefully, in the future he’ll bring him a hit record, and get him some paper and do his thing,” he said. “I wish him much success.”

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  • hazz

    Passive aggression

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  • Truth

    translation: MMG was the closest that nigga will ever be to a hit record. his career is over.

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  • JustMyOpinion

    Day 3: No RR post about Black History Month.

  • get bucks

    Good Answer!!! Rick Ross is on top and didn’t have to air out an ex-member of his crew in the process.


    basically called him wack lol

  • Word

    Niggas already said Pill was wack and a waste of time. Then the dickriders pelted us with comments like hater, fuck you, watch he get a hit, Ross gonna make him a star, etc etc etc. Niggas already knew. Pill is wack. Plain and simple.

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  • wakaaaaa

    lol f pill mmg/rradar till the death rip pill career the closest to greatness of Ross now may he rest in piece he the new jhood now lol

  • @justMyOpinion fukk NI99ER history yu monkees get the shortest month for a reason…if yu want an exact and clear depiction about black culture just go to WSHH.com BAWhaha

  • Cosign Wheelchair Jimmy You ain’t never told a lie keep distributing that knowledge

  • get bucks

    @ word


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  • Capeman

    In other words… Wale & Mill stay cause they got hit after hit, but Pill, no hits, he’s out.

  • toad3527

    Rick Ross handles things Properly 50 should study him

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    William atleast could’ve let Pill get his old JOB at miami-dade Correctional Center.

  • Hip-Hop Fiend

    I hate to say it but I think Jae Millz was right a couple years ago when he said Pill was wack. I haven’t heard a dope track from him yet and I listen to all his mixtapes.

  • Hip-Hop Fiend



    hope @Wheelchair Jimmy & KneegrowKillah jk bc PANTHRO SKI MASK will come see you and do bad things to your corpse.

  • Hip-Hop Fiend

    I hate to say it but I think Jae Millz was right when he called Pill wack. I haven’t heard a dope track from him yet and I heard all his mixtapes.

  • @ZoomZoom get of Ross’s nuts let him breathe every fukkin post I go on that’s about MMG ur there with ur scorned bitchy comment about ross being a C.O I bet yu ur 92pinto tyhat Ross is more street than ur Carlton azz…get of his nuts for once it’s a new year quit being a groupie

  • toad3527

    Pill was coo in 2009 i remember he had a hot mixtape in fairness but i havent heard anything since

  • Mac Miller

    @WARNING GIVER… Nobody gives a fuck about what happen in Montgomry, Alabama. Keep picking your fro.

  • Donn

    Music BUSINESS

    Make money, make hits or die. You can make a hit record with content, you just can’t do it so don’t complain why your not hot

  • Fried Chicken, Mac & Cheese, Kool Aid, Sun Flower Seeds, Watermelon, Catfish, Malt Liquor

    @Warning Giver fuck you & black history month.

  • Fried Chicken, Mac & Cheese, Kool Aid, Sun Flower Seeds, Watermelon, Catfish, Malt Liquor

    @DONN shut the fuck up. wat you know about the music biz.

  • Dr. Dre


  • Former Bad Boy Employee

    Wale begged this fat fucker for a reacord deal. TRUST ME!

  • JP

    Pill is garbage.

  • firealarm

    Pill is just boring. I tried getting into him but there’s just not enough appeal to wanna listen to an entire mixtape or album from him.

  • Tiiz

    Damn that was a slick little ether there at the end.

  • Dr. Dre’s Ass

    Rick Ross Sayin HUH.!!! >>>>>> Pill’s Career


    hope @Wheelchair Jimmy , KneegrowKillah, Mac Miller & Fried Chicken, Mac & Cheese, Kool Aid, Sun Flower Seeds, Watermelon, Catfish, Malt Liquor jk bc PANTHRO SKI MASK will come see you and do bad things to your corpse.

  • Wow!

    Are you targeting the Japanese market?

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  • HK

    Not a fan of Pill (no shade). Rozay’s response was professional and was not disrespectful.

  • New MMG Member replacing Pill http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IbWVysBYldQ

  • Devante

    Idk what happened with Pill he had a buzz when he started now he’s just garbage. In 09 he a top 10 mixtape on every blog and he blew up even more when 3000 and Killer Mike co-signed him. I honestly forgot about him till he did the MMG deal.

  • Rick ross– Iam A real dude hahaha lol C’MON SON

  • DjFreakyTy

    Ok music Industry business 101 Rappers or Mc’ees or Artist whateva yall wanna call yall selves Rick Ross is signed to Def jam wit the joint Venture MMG and Def Jam is a Major Label so for u to stay on there u have to make hits after hits thats how they make they money. Rick Ross signed Meek mills & Wale they proved that they can make the hits including Rick Ross they all showed in prove wit there skills thats why Ross is keeping them 2 dudes cause there consistent wit tha music that they put out there showing off there creativity & work ethic. One about Pill he was the Weakest link out of all of them i kinda seen it cause on the group album he didnt show anything at all n i knew dude was wack from the beginning cause he just came out of nowhere. i realize dude wasnt really that good like people thought he was. he prolly didnt have any work ethic like tha others wasnt consistent even to put out good music or a hit like everyone esle had done. He prolly got to comfortable where dat MMG chain like he was really doing sumden not working and it took it for granted like he didnt need to work harder like the otha dudes. so dats prolly why Rick Ross aint want him nomore cause he didnt have a work ethic or any consistency at all, Def Jam is all about makin hits and coming wit creativity being consistent making moves cause at tha end of the day each man in that group gotta do they part which means every man is for them selves to make therre own money and moves under that MMG/Def jam Brand plain & simple if u aint got the the 3 qualities hit records, consistency, work ethic ur out of there like a batter on strike 3!!!!! thats jus tha nature of the game/business. So good luck to dat dude pill if u reading fam jus for advice and ppl dat wanna get signed to a major aye dis is facts im spittin keepin it 100%

  • BizNokk


  • He was never signed to MMG, XXL said that shit

  • Rick Ross

    JustMyOpinion says:
    Friday, February 03 2012 at 6:20 PM EST

    Day 3: No RR post about Black History Month.

    ^It’s Rick Ross History Month, faggot. But yea, Pill was better than me. I had to let him go. “Trap Goin’ Ham,” “Ok Denn,” “Hear Somebody Comin’,” are better than anything I ever put out. I refused to push “Scott Pippen, Tim Duncan” and “Pacman Remix.” No one will outshine me on MMG. That’s why I pay the blogs off. RUH!

  • Milli

    ross is a bitch

  • franky knucles

    50 keeps on taking l’s from rozaay!! dude is overclassing him on EVERY level

  • To me, he just never really fit in. I mean, Wale and Meek made hit after hit after hit, blew up. Pill to me, just seemed boring and not really ambitious with what he was doin. Probably should stay off twitter more and actually get in the lab.

  • yodaddybrother

    PILL is too real for MMG

  • Brandon

    I hate to say it, but Pill really didn’t fit with the brand. Not Ross’ fault.

  • Young lucci fan base

    Pill u ain’t a east coast sounding artist( hiphop) so rozay not foolin wit u


    anyone else get the vibe from this video that rick ross has already orchestrated pill’s demise?

  • BIGBOY2011

    Thats how you suppose to answer a question… Take Notes

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  • Aimee

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  • t

    you have to remember the number 1 rule in the industry


  • Acapella

    Damn. I always thought this would happen, but I ain’t wanna be a hater…shit, Stalley is next…

  • Pill is the homie, much success to him. Too bad he didn’t work out with MMG.

  • GTboy

    fuck you ross-radar … (listening to Ross is like fucking a 13yo for a priest, you think it’s good, but it’s everything that you stand against) …


  • MMG promo

    New MMG Member replacing Pill http://bit.ly/ytKkDW

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