French Montana “Cosmic Kev” Freestyle

French Montana and his Coke Boys made a recent appearance on Cosmic Kev’s program for a “Come Up Show” freestyle. French’s rhymes should come with subtitles.


UPDATE: No subtitles, but we got footage though.

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  • Have you been looking for the definition of horrible????

    You found it…synonymous to french montana

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  • Black Shady


  • HipHopUSA

    He really can’t rap but him and MGK r the biggest rappers on bad boy now. Their albums will be out way before any other artists on that label. Cafe = Aasim.

  • RespectTheGame

    Yeah Diddy threw Cafe in the 3 slot when he signed french. Besides Cafe keep puttin out garbage soft old man records. That T Pain song he got with the offbeat hook and verses is possible the worst record he has ever done besides money money and that dougie remix lol!

  • junky

    This guy is totally inadequate for this career.

  • CokeBoyz

    New MMG Member replacing Pill

  • HipHopTV

    @ Joe. Normally I wouldnt respond but that mixtape sucks. The rapper is offbeat and is not in the least believable. No style at all. Cornball fo reel. Tell him to stay in school.

  • Former Bad Boy Employee

    People don’t understand how much Diddy has been literally begging up and coming artist since June 2009 to join his label. It was complete chaos in 2010 trying to sign Jay Electronica. In 2011 Diddy offerd Odd Future a Condo & 1.7 million to sign to Bad Boy, most the money came from Jimmy Ivine tho.

  • get bucks

    @ Former Bad Boy Employee

    The only new dope artist Puffy will ever have in the future will have to be one of his offsprings. I can’t see no artist with a bidding war signing with Diddy. The only hope with French is Max B getting bailed out on his appeal and it’s a whole new thing. Biggavel come home he prolly sign to Bad Boy and the wave a be back in effect.

  • RespectTheGame

    No real artist with options will sign with bad boy. cafe been there forever and he is gettign wrse with each release. Machine Gun Kelly was given to Diddy by Interscope after Diddy bitched about not getting Dipset. French is with MMG and Diddy weaseled his way in on Ross. MG Kelly the only one that’s gonna move any units and be around this time next year. French just can’t rap. He’s real bad.

  • Mr.Alfred

    feels like this nigga cant rap ever since he signed with diddy. Its the Puffy curse you heard

  • Berklee

    horrid n hideous

  • mappz data

    french montana, coke boys

  • franky knucles

    this dude makes ace hood sound amazing..

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  • 82 baby…90’s teen

    mans is drunk and lazy…

    drugs don held down for the squad and the boys.