• crysis

    pretty weak freestyle. he can do better than that right??

  • faizan

    what the fuck ..this entire shit is off the song “california”

  • This freestyle is from December when he was on Cosmic Kev’s show, that’s why he is plugging the Mac and Devin album. The audio just came out now.

  • Supreme12oz

    Lol Leather Jackets Ha

  • RR should replace AL;L Wizz Khalifa posts with Dizzy Wright posts. (His twin). Dizzy looks a HELLUVA A LOT like Wiz, Sounds like him too, but his bars are 1,000,000 times better, harder and realer than Wiz. Look him up, but for now check out Dizzy’s latest joint:

  • Mr.Alfred

    man i swear this dude always has the same flow

  • RB

    smh @ wiz this aint a freestyle! California – Wiz

  • Wirr

    This is a freestyle from december 13, 16 december california droped.. dope!

  • Get Real

    If this is a freestyle then Amber Rose has hair flowing down to her shoulders. -___-