New Music: 360 “What Goes Up” (Prod. J.Cole)

“Get shot for acting like Bruce Lee, came a long way from 2C…”

Last week, footage of 360 and J.Cole in the lab went viral. Turns out the record actually belongs to the Queens newcomer. Ain’t no tellin’ where it’ll end up, but for now, this should be played at high volume.


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  • fuckin gay

    whoaoaaaa rapradar with actual download links…

  • me


  • veesky

    He kinda looks like Kevin McCall

  • veesky

    Not bad…need a couple more listens

  • Cole is a hot producer!!!! But 360 was sooooooooooooooooo predictable…..Predictability = Boring

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    J. Cole did his thing & 360 was ok. Its the ROC !

  • D

    okay dope


    yeahh this sounds nice

  • Rizz

    this beat is fireeeee

  • yeahhhh

    Two Thumbs Up.


    “tryin hard to be different, but really ya’ll just lookin weird”

    best line in the song, fake pop stars gotta stop putting on make-up and relying on gimmicks. write nice lyrics or get the fuck out.

  • im a hater but

    Fire! 360 killed the beat ! might just be the next big thing ! His delivery was predictable but the quality of his 16’s were not it was on point

  • JustDon

    I thought the beat was weak when I first heard it but this nigga 360 is a BEAST! Look forward to hearing more shit

  • im a hater but

    This kid has gotta go on Funk Flex and kick barz that the test btwn amateurs and pros

  • In Your Fucking Face

    Nigga This Was Ok… Kendrick Or Fab Would Assassinate

  • movie man

    The beat is good but delivery is wack. im sorry

  • Mike

    u tripping. Thats what made the record good. Peep the second verse. Flow for days

  • M.T

    Dope beat. 360 was average.

  • The Truth

    I like how the same person made all these cooments. spam

  • Formposite KING

    THIS SONG IS FIYA!!! The beat is mediocre..360 clearly made the song..

    My favorite line ” i got some Project Nikkas on some R&B bitches”

    SIDEBAR: “Mr.Blue Sky” song/video is hot also..

  • Brutally Honest

    How Cole looking like the cartoon character “Widget” in the photo, llllooooollll

  • Nice!

  • Black Shady

    COLE WORLD!!! the beat is the only thing hot tho

  • Mayback Music

    @The Truth

    Its that dude Zoomzomdad… shit is annoying as hell. We get it to love Roc Nation. Now chill…

  • crysis

    pretty dope beat is bonkers.

  • Pugz

    Meek Mill?

  • Acapella

    This is dope…Cole, along with KRIT, and myself will go down as one of the dopest producers of this generation…

  • It was just average, 360 sounds like B.O.B minus the southern accent.

  • DJ I85

    360 lyrics are amazing…he body this track !

  • Boom


  • Word

    Why does Cole always use his best beats when it doesnt matter? On mixtapes, for other rappers. I mean, it matters to an extent but id rather here HIM rap on some of his beats. Imagine Cole on the Hiii Power beat? Straight lava. This beat is hot I thought he wuold rap on it..maybe in the future.

  • tr

    nice beat!

  • the rap was crap, beat was hardly decent.