New Music: Wale “Purple Swag (Freestyle)”

Wale’s state of mind is all purple as he lets loose a new freestyle over A$AP Rocky’s breakthrough tune. Never too late to pick up a copy of Ambition in stores now.

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  • wizsucks

    Wale verses make me sleepy for some reason

  • shane

    this was fucking sick. wale is a lyrical beast

  • yo

    murdered. im impressed.

  • Oj da Cornball

    dude came and went. so-called good first week numbers but flop off the charts two weeks later. SMH

    This whole MMG thing is the greatest illusion of hip hop date. Just watch the show, and be deceived.

  • Gambino

    He promises new music and gives us a freestyle, joke..

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    “Never too late to pick up a copy of Ambition in stores now”….No thanks i’ll pass on it.

  • Get Real

    I’ve lost count of the amount of times I yawned while listening to this track. #movingalong

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  • keeper

    Ambition is still on the charts FYI. another 100k to make gold and Lotus flowerbomb been at #1 for like a few weeks now soooooo @Oj da Cornball you are just as your name reads.

  • Moe


  • BEAST!

  • Not a freestyle. The mislabeling captures the listeners intrigue.

  • CarreraLu

    Having no hook does not make a record a freestyle.
    No blackberry, no iphone, off the top? I don’t think so. haha

  • naoshad

    wale got some good zingers in there, but asap got the best flow for this type of track.

    and you 2 dummies up here quit ya bitchin about what you think freestyle means. are you new to this hip hop or something? freestyle can mean off the top, or written in free verse. learn the culture before you open ya mouf rookies.

  • Ryuk

    Damn. Wale murdered that.

  • Its cool but some of you niggas get all excited like females when you hear music from these niggas like its all classic shit hahaha ya’ll just want to see mmg win that’s all good the shit was cool but the shit wasint all that great but it was cool..

  • i know

    “its seems like nobody makes music for humans anymore” – Don trip <~ realest statement cuz most rappers dont. hip hop is dead

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  • HK

    he murdered that track